The Two Magic Powers

The Two Magic Powers

Occasionally, the unthinkable occurs.

I run out of the trash-fiction that I like to read – and as a last resort, I pick up “emergency reading material” like Oprah Magazine. (My wife gets it. Not me! I swear! I only read manly stuff like “Liquor Soaked Brawler’s Digest”.)

And usually, like I do with all magazines, I just like to read the ads.

I was about 78 pages into it when, for some reason, I started reading an actual article about successful women.

And that’s when an amazing lady jumped out of the page at me.

Her name is Madam C.J. Walker and here she is:

And let me tell you, this lady could have …

Kicked All Of Our Asses …Combined!

Here’s why:

First, the article in Oprah didn’t say much about her except that she became extremely successful selling hair products door-to-door.

All I can really remember is it had her picture and then it mentioned her success.

Now, being a former door-to-door man myself, I decided to check her out.

Here’s what I found:

First, she was born in Louisiana.

On a farm.

In 1865.

Not really an ideal time and place to be born if you’re:

  1. A woman.
  2. African American.

But she had plenty of additional challenges to face.

She was an orphan at age seven.

At age 14, she got married …reportedly to escape the abuse that she was suffering at the hands of her brother-in-law.

She became a mother at age 17, and a widow at age 20.

She supported herself and her daughter by picking cotton on a farm, by being a laundress, and by working in a barber shop. From what I can tell, the most she ever made during that time was $1.50 a day.

But It Got Worse

At around 25 years old, she began to develop a a condition that caused her to start balding.

Can you imagine? As if she didn’t have enough to deal with …now the poor lady’s hair is falling out.

(And we whine when our cell phone drops a call every now and then… kind of embarrassing.)

Anyway …

Here’s Where It Gets Good

It shouldn’t surprise you that she quickly became a student of “how to fix this damned balding problem”.

In fact, she researched all kinds of treatments, and eventually discovered that sulfur could abolish the scalp disease that was causing people to lose their hair.

(Apparently, people lost their hair a lot back then because they didn’t bathe as much. They would get some nasty scalp infection and their hair would fall out. But if you treated the problem with sulfur, you could knock it out.)

So she did the only logical thing to do, which was to start her own business …selling a product called “Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower”.

Keep in mind, she was just starting out and didn’t have a big budget (probably NO budget at all) so she had no choice but to …

Go Out, Grab The World By The Balls, And Bend It To Her Will!

And the first thing she did was to go door to door, selling her product.

Listen – nobody really embraces a door to door sales person with open arms these days, you know?

But imagine what it must have been like for Madam Walker in the racist and male dominated environment she was working in back then.

…That took some cojones.

How many times do you think she was rejected?

How many doors do you think were slammed in her face?

How many insults did she hear?

I’m willing to bet she even was threatenedregularly.

But did that stop her?

Hell No!

Not only did she survive …she thrived.

Mrs Walker hung in there and sold more products, developed new ones, and finally opened up a factory in Indianapolis.

By 1913, she was traveling around the world training other women to sell her products.

…And by the time she died in 1919 at age 51, she had become

The World’s First Female Self-Made Millionare!

Against incredible odds, wouldn’t you say?

Man – what a story.

Did I mention that her parents were former slaves? I don’t think I did.

So her story is amazing, and I think her success is largely due to one critical characteristic:

The Amazing Ability To Get Off Of One’s Ass And Get To WORK.

Seems we have a lack of that ability these days.

Think about it.

The real secret to success is to get out there and work like hell.

And when we think about Madam C.J. Walker, it’s painfully obvious that …

We Have Absolutely NO Excuse For Failure

Actually – let me rephrase that.

In the beginning, failure is pretty much inevitable.

A first-time home run is about as rare as an honest politician.

Hell, I’ve been at this game for about 4,000 consecutive days. All day, every day – and almost everything I start takes a few tweaks before it works.

And some projects don’t work at all.  Such is life.

So yeah, failure is OK.

But here’s the thing,

You Have To Get Up, Brush Yourself Off, And Get Back In The Game

That is the magic power of the successful entrepreneur.

Actually, there are really only two magic powers that I’ve seen – and these are present in every successful person I’ve met, worked with/for, or studied.

Here they are:

Magic Power #1: The ability to get started.

Holy crap, this is a big one.

I just got back from two straight weekends of speaking and the biggest thing I saw plaguing the people who were struggling was the inability to get started. This really interested me so I tried to discover the hold ups.

People were stuck on trying to figure out what web host to use, what microphone to use, what email provider, and so forth.

And look – I’ve been there, and I was broke when I was there – so I can relate.

But here’s the deal.

Most of the time all the research, the preparation, the making sure everything is “perfect” …most of the time that’s secret code for

“I’m Scared!”

Scared it’s not gonna work.

Scared you’re gonna look stupid.

Scared you might lose some money.

Scared you’ll be judged

So let me help you out here and tell you right up front that …

All That Bad Stuff Is Almost GUARANTEED To Happen!

Your very first site is probably gonna look kinda terrible. (Mine still have that “made in 1998″ look).

Your first sales letter is probably gonna need tweaking.

Google will probably “slap” your first ad campaign. And if they don’t, you’ll probably spend and “lose” a few bucks getting enough traffic to test your offer before you start making sales and profits.

Your square friends will almost certainly judge you and talk behind your back about what a fool you are for trying to make money on the Internet. At least one of them will believe you’ve fallen for a get-rich-quick scheme.

And since you’ll be putting yourself out there in the interwebz for the whole world to see …you’re probably going to look stupid to someone. (And if you don’t, you’re doing it wrong.)

So …that’s the way it is.

And since you know it’s all definitely going to happen (barring some miracle), you can finally stop worrying about it and just get it all out of the way!

Better to go on ahead and power through it, you know? Hurry up so you can get to the good stuff. Like cramming down the vegetables when you were a kid so you could finally get dessert. (I still do this).

And once you do …you can practice

Magic Power #2: The Ability To Step Back Into The Ring

Business is like boxing in the sense that you will, without question, get knocked around a little.

Know what I mean?

And do you think there’s ever a conversation where a dude wants to become a boxer and this happens?

Dude: “Coach? Can I talk to you a minute?”

Coach: “Sure, son. What’s on your mind.”

Dude: “Well, I think I want to be a boxer.”

Coach: “That’s great. We can start training on Monday.”

Dude: “OK. But …Coach?”

Coach: “Yeah?”

Dude: “Do you think I’ll ever get …you know …hit? Like, do you think anyone is gonna …you know, punch me?”


I know, I know …never happens. In BOXING.

But it damn sure happens in business.

People get started (which is a huge feat in and of itself) and then just get floored by the first setback.

It takes them by complete surprise and it makes them want to quit.

I suppose it’s natural.

But what’s not natural …and what really breeds success …is that ability to brush yourself off and start over.

Just like the champion boxer, you gotta get up and step back into the ring. If you do that enough times, you’ll be tough as a pit bull and you’ll start winning.

And it doesn’t take too many wins before it all starts to add up.

But man, if you don’t get back in there and take another shot …you’ll never win.

And listen: EVERYBODY I know who’s achieved lasting success has, often on more than one occasion, gotten the shit kicked out of them in business. Many have lost everything before they finally “made it”.

Damn sure happened to me, I can tell you that.

Here are some of the businesses I’ve effortlessly run straight into the ground (it’s a talent.):

1. Used Car Lot (the prestige!)

2. Underground Dog Fencing (don’t ask)

3. Roofing Contractor and Commercial Repair (even more prestige!)

4. Merchant Bank Card Processing (failed attempt at “legitimate” business)

…And of course, this is before I got online.

Once I got online, I was able to have my most spectacular failure to date …the dreaded Instant Internet Empires, which got the attention of the FTC and ultimately earned me a nice lawsuit which cost me everything I had.

Literally. Everything.

And you know what? All those failures SUCKED. They were embarrassing. And sometimes scary.

…Getting back up and stepping into the ring again was hard.

But worth it.

And if an orphaned daughter of former slaves can work her way up through the racist hardship of the economically depressed deep south …and become the world’s first self-made female millionaire …then what possible excuse do WE have?

Do you think it was easy for this lady to just walk outside and start going door to door? Hell no!

Do you think it was easy for her to keep going after hearing insults and rejections every day? Of course not.

But she did it anyway. Because that’s what it takes sometimes.

Now get out there and take what’s yours.

- Frank Kern

Note: Special thanks to C.J. Walker’s great granddaughter, A’Lelia Bundles, for sharing her writings with the world at …And for giving bloggers permission to reference her work. A’Lelia has written a book about Madam Walker’s life and you can get it here.

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  1. first!

  2. Wow! Amazing post Bro! Never heard of this woman… Gonna check the site out too. Thanks for bringing all that home! A great kick in the ass :-)

  3. What an inspiring story. Never quit is the motto here. EVER! and Just Do It!

    Tweak it as you go, but get your stuff out there!

  4. Right on.

    I did my stint door-to-door with Serv-O-Matic solar in the mid-80s. I wasn’t actually selling, just collecting leads. Best technique: channeling Bobcat Goldthwaite dressed sort of like Forrest Gump.

    I swear this is true.

  5. Frank inspiring as always! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Good shit Frank… I’ve been telling myself the same thing for about 5 years now. It’s the only thing that keeps me going.

    I get the crap knocked out of me (in business) all day every day, and sometimes I wonder why I haven’t quite. Soon enough it just becomes “part of the game” and you stop fearing it. And once you stop fearing it, you actually start seeing results.

    Good post man, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  7. People like Madame CJ Walker have that kind of inner drive which runs on methanol fuel or something. They simply go out and get things done, without any apprehension for the negative. More focused on results than on “pity” thinking.

    Great story Frank!

  8. Great post, Frank! First off, the story about Madam C. J. Walker was amazing. And what’s the difference between her and anyone else? (Aside from the fact that she had 1,000 times more working against her?) She, like you said, took the world by the balls!

    We each have it in us, we each are capable, and we each can achieve whatever we want. But, do we want it bad enough is the real question.

    Anyway, my man, fantastic post. Absolutely awesome. Thanks!

    Vincent Parker

  9. Hey Frank, thanks for sharing!


  10. 78 pages, eh Frank? So you were like, just about to the Table of Contents. Nice.

    I’ve lived this very same issue. My Dad is a great guy, but also a perfectionist. “if you’re going to do something, do it RIGHT!”

    Which was usually HIS way.

    My Mom, bless her heart, is the optimist. “Mark, you can do anything you put your mind to”.

    Imagine the internal conflict that creates: You can do anything you can imagine… just do it RIGHT. Do it perfect.

    So here’s one way I learned to beat it (and be a multipreneur at the same time).

    1) I make a list of the dozen or so projects/businesses I am excited to start.

    2) I whittle that list down to the 3 or so I am most excited about and confident I can follow-through on.

    3) I take an afternoon and create an outline of what is required for each business idea to launch.

    4) The very next day I spend from sunup until I fall over dead-tired “batching” the common elements needed for each business (eg. they ALL need a website, right?)

    So I install my favorite WordPress theme, the plugins, and get the home page branded with either a real logo, or a placeholder, or a couple images, or some copy. SOMETHING to make it real. To put it into concrete.

    That one simple batching function begins moving me from inertia to momentum.

    And Momentum rocks. it’s the fuel to keeps the excitement and energy behind these ideas.

    And moves them into real businesses.

    Thanks for the kick-ass writing and the phenomenal insights you continue to provide.

    Looking forward to contributing to the dialog.
    Have a rockin’ weekend,

  11. As always – perfect timing and a great message every business owner needs to keep in mind.

    My favorite quote is; “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

    And as your post sums up nicely – It’s all about not letting fear stop you from being successful. Fear is always present, so just deal with it.

  12. Frank, very inspiring. I love reading stories like this when I am feeling overwhelmed. They are really motivating and push me to the next level. Excellent post!

  13. Great points, Frank. If I’m not making mistakes, I’m not making choices. :-)

  14. Mark Brosius says:

    Am from Indianapolis where M.Walker opened a factory for her products in 1913. The factory is now called the Mademe Walker Theater. Even been to a couple Jazz concerts there in the 80′s..

    M Walker has always been an inspiration to me. As many things as she had going against her and she had the balls to do it anyway!

    Thanks for pointing out her story again….


  15. Wow, that’s a pretty great story. Definitely helps to tell a good tale when trying to prove a point–just sweeps the reader along. Same for sales letters? You betcha. ;-)

  16. Dude…

    This kinda stuff always gets to me.


    ps, no shame in admitting you love yourself some Oprah. She’s a savvy marketer. Lot to learn from her!

  17. Outstanding post, Frank! You’re right, Madame Walker kicked ass! She is still revered in the African American hair supply industry. She actually ‘revolutionized’ the industry and her impacts are still felt.

    Your post reminded me of her refusal to give in to failure.

    Very good post.

  18. Wow Frank. You never cease to amaze me with the stuff you put out. Great article and a great lady indeed.

  19. This is an awesome post. I think I will put this up on my bathroom mirror with my daily affirmations!

  20. Great Post Frank!

    Okay So I will not give up!!! =P

    Here’s my attempt:
    Frank Kern Will You JV With Me?

    Hit me up on my email.


  21. I like it, Mr Frank.
    Not to sound too politically incorrect,but

    The deamoncrats would keep her a secret, because this lady was a huge success.

    In North America anyone can succeed.

  22. Nice One Frank! Great Story. Great Inspiration.
    Great Women!

  23. Frank – thanks, Man. Superb advice and example.

    I would add to the list, that some of us have had great success in the past. But things change, and the need and desire to repeat is incredible. (Think of the ex-rock & roll star, or pro athlete… or hmm… Wall Street guy.)

    Repeating success after something like your dance with the FTC, takes brass b***s.

    Great reminder! Much appreciated,


  24. Frank,
    Great motivational story. I agree that most people struggle with starting and when they finally do and they get knocked around they get deterred from continuing. But when you give up then you have to go get a real job, that’s enough motivation to keep trying until success happens.

  25. Cheers from rockin’ it out for us chicks Frank! Good to see the ladies crushin it!

    My grandmother was a kickass entrepreneur. Pretty inspiring stuff! If they can do it back then – we can sure as hell do it now!

    Jody – The WebChik

    PS: You just increased O Magazine subscriber list by at least one! ;)

  26. Michael O says:

    Great post…this just motivates the sh…stuffing out of me!

  27. Bravo!

    Beautiful thought design, elegant, inspiring.

  28. Gregory Matthews says:

    Dude, one of your best posts ever and just goes to show that powerful lessons like these are all around us just waiting to be consumed.

    We simply need to keep our eyes open and dig a little for the nuggets.

    Thanks for sharing.


  29. Pete Hudson says:

    Engaging, hilarious, timely and deeply profound…thank you for the continued inspiration, Frank…your right, there are no excuses.


  30. Been there done that myself and I am still just trying to get up and running. Thanks for all the great information you give. I will not give up.

  31. Wow, simply amazing. Great inspiring post Frank!

  32. Dude, you’ve been reading too much Oprah!

    Actually, great story, and learning how to not get derailed by your failures is damn important.

    Reminds me of Tom Edison, took 10,000 “failures” to find tungsten to light up a bulb!

    How many of us could persevere after 10,000 failures? ;)

    Thanks for the story, Frank!


  33. MIchael says:

    Great story. Highly enjoyed reading it. It seems we have all the tools and resources we need to succeed at our fingertips these days but we still make excuses not to act on something.
    I think it all starts from having a keen sense of intuition. Knowing what feels right and what does not. And you learn this from experience, if anything else. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  34. Great message Frank! It reminds me of the time I spend in Somalia – those women over there were so hard working under the worst of conditions and no complaining – they just did what was needed to be done to provide for their families.

    For the record the men were pretty lazy for the most part and just sat around getting stoned – don’t think that part fits with your story though. :)

  35. Very cool story. I also sold door to door in the back woods of Illinois. Man oh man…some hairy tales to tell. I can’t even imagine what this wonderful lady went through.

    Thanks for sharing. I am inspired.

  36. That’s exactly what I needed to read. Thanks Frank!

  37. Bravo Frank… great read on the importance of mind set.

    It would be interesting to hear C.J. Walker’s take on rejection. She must have thought that she was on to something to keep going… obviously, she was answering a big need that hasn’t been solved in the hundred years since she passed.

    I bet she had a really good testimonial story that powered through the worst kind of objections.

  38. wonderful story … thank u dude, for sharing thi wonderful story :-)

  39. It’s always good to listen to an intelligent and driven woman like Madam C.J. Walker!

    Marc n Emily

  40. Well said brother!
    Just launched a membership site teaching IM – have 1,310 people who are brand new….I will be sending them all to read this post!

    Thanks for an endless supply of cool stuff.

  41. Dear Frank:

    I personally didn’t think many people knew about that story…..I grew up hearing about her many times……your smart Mr. kern

  42. Excellent post. It truly is an inspirational story.

    I know I’ve been guilty of “lazy-ass-itis” from time to time, and it wasn’t until I got off that lazy ass and took action that things began to happen.

    We truly are more than fortunate to live in the times we do, but we still take things for granted and feel that the world owes it to us.

    Thanks for sharing the story, even if it did take you away from reading “Liquor Soaked Brawler’s Digest” and India forced you to read O Magazine! ;)


  43. Dax shared this with me. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  44. Damn badass post.

    There is no rationalizing with results. If you don’t do anything at all your results will be guaranteed a big fat zero.

    If you don’t decide to do something you still make an an impact on your outcome.

    An outcome that sucks.

    Inspirational post Frank to move us forward.


  45. Awesome post, Frank. A lot of marketers need to realize that there’s no such thing as the quick and easy get rich button.

    I’ve been struggling to get my IM biz off the ground for about 6 months now, but I’m not quitting.

    Thanks for the encouragement, a lot of people need it in this industry!

    Joe Fier

  46. Sometimes I forget, Frank, so THANK YOU for reminding me of some of the knockdowns I’ve endured and ALL of the excuses I’ve fed myself..

    Pick me up,
    dust me off,
    get me hence…

  47. Now that’s what I call inspiration! Thanks for the read, Frank.


  48. Fugly with money… You go get it girl

  49. Daaaaam ! Nothing like a good SLAP in the face with perspective.

    What an incredible Woman, talk about tenacity and Grit.
    Love to hear stories of pioneers who have grabbed life by the spuds.

    Hmm wonder if that hair stuff works, my forehead seems to be getting larger each yr :)

  50. Thanks a lot Frank that is so true. I have been online for a while but never made any money. I love the inspiration and motivation you tell. this site is becoming my favored site.

    Your story has motivated me to focus and concentrate online no matter what. I thank you kindly Frank.

    Whats important in life making a change in someone’s life congrats you just changed One.

    take care

    Success, wealth and health to my friend

  51. great post, very inspirational

  52. Thanks Frank! What a great story! Have a great weekend!

    Best Wishes!

  53. Great post, Frank… I blogged about similar things a few months back. One of the big keys is to fail —> forward. Experience is many times the best teacher but you still have to take the action and “gitter-done!”

    I failed so much when I began, too. However, guys like yourself were there to continuously inspire and help. I knew I would be successful because that’s just the way it had to be.

    Every time I failed, I took a step back, evaluated the situation, and began pushing toward the solution. Madam CJ proves that “perceived” obstacles and set-backs don’t have to define you. There’s so much opportunity for those that seize it.

    By the way, did you every see the video of Nick Vujicic? This blog post reminded me. Such and inspirational and motivational story.

  54. This is one of the best posts/messages I’ve seen from anyone involved in online marketing. All the same stuff that makes offline business work is the stuff that makes online business work. Focus, tenacity and ‘failure’ defined instead as feedback.

    Nice work Frank – and Liquor Socked Brawlers is my periodical of choice as well.

  55. thanks for rocking it out for the women – glad i planted that seed last weekend – hope it helped you pick up that O magazine – nice job frank!

  56. My boyfriend Mike turned me on to you ;) quite a while ago—I love your style & mojo. This post, which Mike just sent to me, is utterly inspiring (as usual) for us all to get off our asses & “do it”…as a woman, an entrepreneur in the long-time making…this article rocks my socks off!

  57. p.s. your totally right about the procrastination and fear part – i just asked jeff walker what mike he used – lol ;-)

  58. Frank,

    Thanks so much for this post brother. This is going to be one of your most memorable pieces online. At least it is for me. This knocks the socks off anything I have read in a while. And what an Awesome story!!

    I guess I need to switch my magazine over from Womens Day to the big “O”. ;)

    Thanks again. Inspiring Stuff.

  59. Well I know I’m in tune with your genious now. Hold on tight… It’s smooth sailing from here.
    I know, this sounds out of context a bit but you will know all soon when I get to be one of your clients.
    Thank you for the great info. You’re the best.
    (tell your wife I said thanks too) :-)

  60. Hi Frank,

    Thank you for this inspirational post.

    It is an important reminder to each and every one of us to have perspective as we maintain focus, persistence, and patience to overcome our own challenges, no matter what area of our lives that might be.

  61. It inspires me to see a woman doing it. Great story!

    For some reason, everyone I’ve read or listened to this week has said, “Get started!” Guess it’s time.

    Thanks, Frank.

  62. Everybody must start some where, and everyone will have there own battles to face, in EVERYTHING they do. And that is a good thing, becuase it’s not easy, but nothing worth the time really ever is.

    Thank you Frank for everything.


  63. Trevor Thompson says:

    Great post. Most needed right now.


  64. Just what I needed, a swift kick in the balls so to speak to get my ass in gear after being for the count for a while…
    really appreciate it Frank perfect timing!

  65. I’m writing a couple of books on destroying bad habits… like “Kicking Fat’s As*”, “Kicking Smoking’s As*” and the same principles are in effect. Getting people to ACT in their own best interest requires some head-kicking.

    Many of us have a SERIOUS problem with getting started on things. Is it learned helplessness? Is it fear of trying that stops people in their tracks and plants them in front of the tv for hours each night – instead of working on something of their OWN they can have as an asset the rest of their lives?

    It’s difficult even to motivate someone to call for help for something.

    I found a lot of inspiration in this post – I don’t particularly NEED it – but, there are so many people that just can’t make the as* move… It all sounds like a great idea… but, getting the as* in motion… getting past the initial inertia and moving forward takes such an effort.

    Motivate these folks Frank. Video, Video! We want video.

  66. Sometimes the balls you find on women are the biggest balls of them all.

  67. Dude you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing that and for putting your unique spin on it. You rock bro. God Bless!

  68. “Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower”…what a catchy name. I didn’t know they had such salesmanship tactics back then.

    Now I know. And the more you know……I forget the rest of that.


    It’s powerful stories that
    teach the best.

    Or filter out the ones
    who refuse to “grow a pair.”


    Rock the heck on Mr. Frank.


  70. Thanks Frank, very inspirational, makes me want to go out there and kick some butts!!


  71. ANOTHER ex-roofer transmogrified into a internetter! I thought I’uz the only one. For years, after that failure and a couple of others (ad agency, software), I always said to myself, “Well, if this one tanks, I can always go back to nailing shingles.”

    Of course, today, that would be Thanks, Frank.

  72. Nice post Frank. Thanks.

    It goes in line with what Seth Godin said here (I’m not a Seth Godin Fanboy, some times for me he gets it right, sometimes not. But here he nailed it)

    Fear of Shipping:

    Not to take the attention away from your post.

    You know? It’s crazy but I really think you read what you need to read in this momento of your life. And for my is this “fear of shipping” or “fear of getting your ass kicked online & looking bad”

    And is crazy because I did experimented this before.

    When I became a salesman.

    When I became a magician (say Hi to uncle Moffat from me)

    When I became a ladys men.

    Every time.

    I feared.

    I got my ass handled to me.

    & then I succeed.

    So I know I need to get on this “Bycycle” and fall a couple of times before i conquer it. I need to scratch my knees, but Is not that terrible.

    Thanks for your posts and videos.

    All the best from the south,


  73. “Such is life, falling over seven times and getting up eight.” –Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse

  74. Well, its been awhile to see actual copy from you Frank.

    Kinda missed it.

    All that Vid stuff is cool and all, but nothing like reading good old conversational copy.


  75. Very inspiring story. Really we have no excuse to failure.

  76. Great post, Frank.

    Sometimes people feel the need to learn more about things before taking action and actually starting a business, making a product, and marketing it.

    I’ve found DOING THINGS provides the most learning. Especially failing.

    Keep up the awesome work :-)

  77. Getting started can be tough.

    My wife and I just launched a new venture on Wednesday night. I have been building her up to it with Tony Robbins and of course Frank Kern. (the video with you Tony and John Reese has been playing for a week straight.)

    Well, today is Friday not quite 48 hours after launch of our new promotion and she is pissed that it hasn’t closed yet.

    We do have an interested prospect that contacted us yesterday but couldn’t meet with us today. It is comical to me how she sees how fast we hit an interested prospect and yet it is not closed fast enough.

    You see, we are scheduled to leave for vacation on Sunday (she and the kids are traveling for 6 weeks), so I may have to meet up with them a day or 2 late in order to close the deal.

    I have been beaten down many times. I have succeed many times. I will succeed at this. It is inevitable.

    Part of the trip is at her Grandmother’s house in Macon, that town really sucks. You did good to bail out.

    Keep Killin It,


    P.S. Just finished the first 2 videos for the launch of a *different* promotion.

    P.P.S. I owe you a beer for all the motivation and instruction you have given to me.

  78. I’m sorry, Frank, but I can’t picture you sitting down to read Oprah magazine even if it was originally just for the adverts :)

    I’ll definitely have to add this fine lady to my “collection” of heroic and inspiring women (along side Miss Oprah, herself).

  79. Bravo Franko

    Sorry about the Franko part (it just sounded better).

    I read an excellent quote awhile back.
    “People that are good are making excuses, are never any good at making money”.

    Sorry for not referencing the writer, but I do not recall the original author.

    As for this story of yours. I am going to send it to every jealous person I come across.


  80. Frank, incredibly inspiring story. This part “People were stuck on trying to figure out what web host to use, what microphone to use, what email provider, and so forth.” is really intersting because it’s so true!

    It’s easy to get bogged down in the little stuff and to want everything to be perfect before taking action.

    Reminds me os a great quote I heard once “Motivation comes from action, not the other way around”


  81. wow! thank you this article was very inspiring!

  82. It seems like I run into your “words of wisdom” everytime life throws me a huge curve ball.

    I’m glad I got on your opt-in list.

    Thanks for the inspiration….

  83. Dude, I love how you use stories to tell your message.

    Great inspiring read but for the next post make a video with transcript ;)


  84. Dude. Dude. Dude. =)

    This is probably the best post you’ve ever writen. So inspired, inspiring and enlightening. Kudos!

  85. Hell Frank….you have become QUITE the writer!

    Okay; you have been an awesome writer for quite some time now (that sounds better).

  86. Frank,

    WOW. The best post you’ve written in ages.

    Great stuff. I’ll have to not glaze over when I see an O magazine next time.

    Inspiring story. Most people have gone through entire LIFETIME’s of suffering and
    still get back up each time.

    Good stuff.

  87. Frank, as someone already said it’s really good to see your friendly style of conversational writing. I saw a quote from Winston Churchill today that said, “Success is going from one failure to the next without losing your positive attitude” or something to that effect. Anyway I’ve failed more than I care to admit and the small successes I have had were and are really sweet as a result. Thanks again.


  88. Wow! Damn brother …. thanks for the kick in the stones. There a few things I read each morning to get my head “in the game”. This is now one of them. Awesome post, Frank …

  89. There are times in your life when you need to hear a message and this is one of those times in my life. At some point I have got stuck at making a certain amount on the Internet and needed to step it up, but I have been talking myself out of it daily. Some people go against incredible odds and win because they did not talk themselves out of it so I have decided to stop listening to myself and just go for it. Thanks Frank for sharing such an incredible story and do keep reading Oprah.

  90. If only I had half the cojones Madam C. J. Walker did…Come to think of it, few of us do.

  91. Frank, 5 Stars – great post.

  92. Frank,
    You sound like you grew up in the same neighborhood as me.
    I’m almost 65(failed at almost everything),gave up for sometime,only gets you further behind.Started trying couple years ago,haven’t done well but I’m determined to do it until I do it. This email was very inspiring and your story was inspiring also,THANKS.

  93. Preston says:

    Thanks man! This happened to be a day I really needed your message (I’ve been losing a bit of momentum and focus this week and was at risk of losing my cojones …)

    Great story, awesome message


  94. Brett Banks says:

    WOW! She seemed to be a real hardcore “buy-my-shit” kinda lady!!

    Your commentary reminds me of one of Tony R’s quotes: “successful people are acting imperfectly while unsuccessful people are waiting on the perfect time to act.” (or something like that)

    From one south GA’n to another; keep it up man.

    -PS- Do they got chitlins in La Jolley? ;>)

  95. Michael says:

    Too cool Frank,

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to ‘brass tacks’ and remind us of the fundamentals – Take unrelenting action and maintain extreme focus until you break through.

    “Battle with the mind” – Jim Rohn.

  96. Thanks Frank,
    I too have been getting a lot of hints and kicks to get back at ‘er this week. Pushing the terror barrier as mr Proctor would say, with needing to quit my lousy paying day job, kick my 3D animation business into high gear, and get some websites working for me as an affiliate. ‘t’would be easier if I was single instead of a married dad – but such is life. Take it and Run! Jump, and grow your wings on the way down!
    Thanks to the other comments on here too. :)

  97. Frank very inspiring I just fired myself and am negotiating rehiring, with action being qualification #1.

    You are correct, our hesitancy is nothing more than fear rearing it’s ugly head. It’s a battlefield of the mind!

    Thank you for your curiosity and researching this amazing woman and sharing her with the industry. C.J. Walker’s story is one everyone should hear!

    “Dream, Believe, Become…”
    Tracey Keefer

  98. Right on, this is great stuff. We’ve got to get over this allergy to the “w” word.

    And the reality is, hard and scary as it was for C.J. Walker, going door to door beat picking cotton.

    And sticking with a business and making it work beats watching the life drain out of you in a cube farm, waiting to get laid off or just so bored you jump out the window.

  99. Thanks for the great post Frank! Kind of puts things into perspective.

  100. Frank,

    Awesome Dude!

    Damn good post.. I needed that tonight!

    no shit…


  101. You can’t fall up to the top of the mountain, you gotta climb and you’ll still get banged up… but ya still gotta climb, if ya really want it.

    And if you want to be a great breakdancer, ya gotta work at it all the time. Just sayin’ :)

  102. Frank,

    Fantastic! I am totally encourage.

    Thanks for sharing that story about Madam CJ Walker, very inspirational.

    And thanks ever for sharing your story Frank, you simply put things into perspective, well grounded and humble.

  103. Great story Frank, we need to remind ourselves every day how spoiled we got. As Nike commercial says, just do it


  104. This piece resonates with the market.

    And good COPTENT (copy + content)…

    …this is what I want to produce, once I’ve managed to stop getting my sites burned by google for hack SEO!

    Why write tactical blog posts about how to find the best keyword or how to improve your blogging.

    DON’T know if it’s original or unoriginal being a reflection of the market – eloquently executed.


    - can’t tell what’s a link and what’s not, may need to change the color…

    …little detail? Maybe. I think you would agree links are important though.

  105. Thanks for the inspirational lesson Frank, it is true that you’ll inevitably take a few hits when you’re starting out online. Just roll with the punches and stay in the game. The Rocky series is a great source of inspiration for me. That dude takes punches like a real champion, faced incredible odds, and still came out on top. Even the last movie kicks ass, very inspirational.

  106. Hi Frank,

    I had forgotten all about Madam Walker. This is a lesson we should not overlook. But still I’m especially grateful you brought her story to our attention. She was a marvelous entrepreneur. Madam Walker can teach us all a priceless lesson.

    It is imperative that we keep trying as hard as it is to live in the moment. Look around you at this amazing world and look what we have accomplishments as a nation, as a people.

    Being an entrepreneur is the greatest lifestyle in the world. We all have a lot to be grateful for because of entrepreneurs like Madam C. J. Walker.

    The reason I know her story is because I was born in Indianapolis.


  107. Ok, now it’s official…I have a man crush on Frank Kern. LOL

    One of the best posts I have read this year by far.

  108. Hey Frank
    Dude this was awesome. I couldn’t help but think about my own startup as I was reading this and Lord knows I’ve had my doubts at times. Wanted to quit a time or two but the one thing you said is the one thing that I keep telling myself “But man, if you don’t get back in there and take another shot …you’ll never win.”
    You da man Frank. Thanks for the reminder!

  109. I have a bookshelf about to collapse with books on self help, marketing and business…and this one post just put them all to shame!


  110. Thanks again Frank!
    You are one of my mentors I decided to model myself upon from the 15th March this year.

    Every time I suffer overwhelm & overload again(by allowing myself to read other dang emails) either you, Jeff Walker or John Reese fly to my aid!
    Thank you.
    The above story reminds me a bit of myself as a deserted wife with 4 kids under 6yrs of age, left to fend for myself…many moons ago!
    I eventually accepted the govt aid & proceeded to climb back up after a couple of suicide attempts & went on to build a 5 bedroom brick home, while on the single mums pension, got a bank loan(they didn’t give bank loans to social security people, let alone single mums back in those days…but I didn’t know, so I just went ahead & pestered them until they did!) I went on to become a lady builder, building a whole display homes village myself, won environmental awards for my 12 display homes & got done in with the 22% interest rates in 1993 & lost everything…everything…
    Dusted off after that one & hit the dirt again in 2007, in the downturn. Deeper down the tubes this time…lots of 000′s on the end of a number…but thanks to you, John Reese & Jeff Walker mainly…I’m inspired & enthused to get going again.
    Not knowing where to begin has been the worst thing.
    Once started, you really must remain habitually focused on your goal, on a daily ritualistic basis…especially online!
    Thanks again Frank,

  111. Keep up the good work, Frank.

    I appreciate you stepping up to the plate time and again with some inspiration.

    It would be cool to make your acquaintance at some point.

    David Bridge Jr

  112. Great stuff Frank,You just reinforced to me, that there are no failures only feedback and the universe starts with you when you start.
    B Bop

  113. I believe something may have gone wrong with your commenting system. I posted a positive comment and it wasn’t approved ?

  114. I guess I’m slow, but you never told us where you could buy your new secret hair stuff. ;)

  115. Mr. Kern,

    Thanks for sharing your reflections on this remarkable woman. I suspect she would have been an interesting person to know. Someone who has walked a hard road can often teach you more by their actions than what they have said.


  116. Dang Frank,

    Now I don’t have any excuses left.

  117. Hi Frank, love this post! right time, right meaning! I agree, it’s so worth getting started and most importantly getting back into the ring and not giving a crap about how you look, what others might say etc.

  118. Frank,

    Get started…check.
    Get back in the ring…check.
    Magic Power #3: Learn to Sell Your Way Out of a Paper Bag.

    Inspiring story and post…ad

  119. Frank,

    Awesome post! I found it very inspirational. Many of us can take an example of your or Madam C.J. Walker’s story, where you simply ignore all possible excuses and say to yourself “I will make it happen, no matter what happens” and do follow through! Respect.


  120. Best product launch I’ve ever seen.. when the product to launch is you…. well done

  121. Hey Frank, Great post and very inspirational. To get started and keep going is a never ending lesson in whatever we do. Thanks to Madam C J Walker and her efforts a hundred years ago her story lives on as a great example. p.s. I’ m going to take you up on your recommendation and read “The Godfather”.

  122. Christine says:

    Frank, I love you man! You’ll never guess what my hubby bought me in San Diego as a memento of our trip to your party…uh LC seminar. A toy VW Buss with a surfboard on top! Can’t help but think of you every time I see it sitting next to my mouse right here on my desktop. So you are inspiring me through writing those product scripts and cranking up Camtasia and Premier and just getting the hell on with it! YOU inspire me Frank. You inspire a lot of us aspiring marketers.

  123. Dude -

    Will definitely be keeping this to read again and show others.



  124. Great… now I have to start doing stuff, cuz I will be comparing myself to this lady all the time… (I’m getting tired of losing to girls… *sigh*)

  125. Thank you for sharing. I needed that!

  126. Amazing insight, crazy how we view things today VS what people had to go through not that long ago.. keep it up Frank.
    Your friend,

  127. Excellent stuff Frank… Thanks so much for sharing. You got style… may it rub off on everyone who reads your stuff.


  128. Frank, that story is wicked cool! Very inspirational! Who in the world could have any excuses not to succeed given the power of that story?


  129. Andy Iskandar says:

    Hey Frank,

    Thanks for bringing Mdm CJ Walker to our attention.

    Does this mean you are going to start reading Oprah? :D


  130. Outstanding, Frank. Thanks for the nudge, it’s appropriate.

  131. Hey Frank,

    Yes I understand very well what you writting here and I am actually at the position you mention now !!!to get off my bloddy backside and create a Blog but here again where to start??? what domain name ??whats the best software to use ?/ Is it wordpress ?/etc. and the worst the Fear to Fail !!Stops you right in the tracks and all the negative self talk .Thats a hell of a challenge .
    Anyhow is is inspiring to say the least .

    Thanks for sharing it with us .

    Kind regards

  132. its good and let excelant

  133. Frank, this IS the best post you’ve written in a long time. It has inspired me to get off My ass and work on getting something going. So, here goes something… .

  134. Minnie Coston says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for the much needed, on time shot in the arm.

    You’re the best.

  135. Well said Frank, thank you.

    Somewhere between magic power 1 and 2 is often the ability to even stay in the ring.

    With all the hype about “making a hundred bazillion dollars by just implementing this one technique!” many people simply quit before they even fail.

    You’re right, it takes hard work, and CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE.

    For me (and everyone I know anyway), it was never as easy as any course I ever bought made it sound.

  136. I’ll give that a hell ya! Way to bring it Frank and that is one hell of a story.

  137. Thanks Frank,

    Nothing like a little kick to get motivation juices flowing.


  138. Hi Frank
    I love this post. I have already read it three times. it is exactly what I needed to read today. I pride myself on being an action taker but when I get stuck I always think of your famous quote “stop screwing around”. I work out that I am playing too small and I commit to a bigger game. And it helps. Thank you for what you do you are a true inspiration.

  139. Steve Beedie says:

    WOW Frank thanks a lot for this post! Great story and i think it’s just pushed me over the edge to take the bull by the horns when i get back from work to get this project im working on off the deck! (work Offshore on oil rigs) Thanks for sharing yet again raelly cool stories to inspire us wee people!

    Adios Amigo

  140. Wow…That is truly an inspiring story. Worlds first self made woman millionaire! I mean, this is very profound especially given the circumstances and that most people in her position/class/stature would just accept their lot in life as is and live in poverty.

    Shows how powerful we all can be eh?

    Thanks Frank for giving me the boost I needed to get my day started! You always impress me with your “stick to your guns” attitude. So, in the same fashion I will now reclaim my b*lls and go for it!

  141. Great marketing motivational story… and thank you for Success Magic Code (start and keep starting again).

    Thanks Frank

  142. This article came just in time. Downer today but this kicked me right up again. Thanks alot. What an amazing woman! Ok, Frank is also a great inspiration. Wish you all success and a great weekend! Cheers

  143. Thanks Frank for taking the time to help others and keep it real. You’re a great mentor who not only teaches but looks for ways to inspire others to do their best. No excuses!

  144. Hey Frank! Can I translate this article into portuguese and send it to my list in Brazil? Actually would you like to do business down here? The beaches are far nicer and warmer than the ones in Cal… lolol Great article!

  145. Fantastic Story! Really inspirational! Makes you see your own struggles here on the world wide web in quite a perspective! :)


    Marte :)

  146. Hi Frank

    Just the story I needed – and I guess
    some others need too.

    Thanks for bringing it to us


  147. Boryana says:

    Frank, as usual – great story, great inspiration! Puts me to shame…but also makes me want to get up and get out there and do my thing…
    Thank you! Thank you! Thanks you!you are my Hero!

  148. Thanks Frank,

    this is another kick I need :-)

  149. Awesome story Frank! Very inspirational! Thanks for kicking our butts.

  150. Hey Frank

    Thank you, really that’s just what I needed today.
    A great wake up call.
    Cheers Mate

  151. This captures it. Persistence. Resistance to opposition. And seizing opportunity to solve a problem people had. She was gripped by a vision of what her future could be and would not let it go. Great story.

    Jeremy J. Black

  152. Wow…that is an amazing story! So many people thinks success comes to the lucky ones, but the truth is like you said in this post, success comes to those that do work, fail, and pick themselves up over and over and keep on pushing until success is achieved. Great post Frank!

  153. Mate reading your posts are like poetry! Nice one Frank

  154. Great post!

  155. Thanks as usual.

  156. “When the student is ready, cometh the teacher!”

    Inspirational post, Frank. Thanks!

    I just put together my first e-book and tried to GIVE it away GRATIS via blog and email.

    First couple of days there was a rush (but that was just my heart rate, as I opened my email to see if anyone wanted to take away my free stuff.)

    Nobody wanted it. Ok, I didn’t mention I’m trying to do this off of a zero budget (just for fun).

    Only thing I paid for was the domain name.

    After a week, a trickle of people actually wanted my free snake oil! The excitement!

    But I’ve been pullin’ my darn hair out trying to implement Magic Power #1.

    Where’d you say I can get my hands on some of Madam Walker’s Hair Restorer again? :-)

  157. Great great story!
    I am going to translate it for my readers – its a ‘must read’ for everyone.

  158. After reading that I feel like swearing great words “Fcn Unreal”.
    I would just like to add, that once you jump a few hurdles, get back up and have a win. Your confidence SKY ROCKETS.
    As we say in Australia “Have a go ya mug”
    Top stuff
    Marty Ware
    Online Management & SEO Consultant

  159. Great Post Frank! It’s stories like this that make me realize that everything is possible when you set your mind to it!

    Thanks a bunch!

  160. Absolutely brilliant Frank – so good I even retweeted it and I’ve never retweeted anything before – in fact my last tweet was 2 months ago.

    This shows what ANYONE of us can do… if we really want it bad enough.

  161. This is just a great, great post. Nothing earth-shatteringly new, but what’s here is clear, powerful, genuine, comes with the authenticity of lived experience and the inspiration of a truly remarkable lady. Frank, I don’t care what they say about you (kidding), you’re a class act.

  162. Hey Frank,

    AWESOMELY Inspirational and Printable! A must read … more than once!

    I’m sticking in there… working hard!! Gonna happen soon!


    PS – Did I mention the sign on my wall I look to as I start to despair sometimes, it says…

    “Get off your arse and get to work!!!” (Frank Kern)

    PPS – I may have to subscribe to “Oprah” too. :)

  163. Hey Frank,

    I can’t stand the gurus. Your stuff is awesome, and in my opinion, there’s more original and useful content on your FREE blog than there is in so many $2k products!

    Money isn’t an issue for me at all, but in all honesty I have to confess that I seriously relate to being scared of failure. I think the problem is deep-rooted with many of us…

    It’s going to take a number of successes before you can finally shake off the burdens of 21st century society. But I agree wholeheartedly!

    There is NO excuse for getting off your ass and actually going out and doing something. You learn from your so-called failures, so why worry about encountering them along the way?

    Awesome stuff,

    Connor :-D

  164. Thanks Frank. I mean it. I have been hearing it from my wife. I got another IT consulting gig just in time (before broke). But I know I can figure out how to turn a profit. I know it’s out there. Yeah, there’s a lot of competition, yeah, Google is constantly changing, yeah, the FTC is watching everyone and everything…. But those odds are nothing compared to what others, especially Madam Walker, faced.
    Truly inspirational. So I’ll keep plugging away on my strategy.
    And if anyone knows anyone working with BP who can get an engineer to look at the self-anchoring (to the drill stem stuck in the well)device I crudely drew at that actually has the potential to reduce the oil flow in the gulf to enable a successful top kill, I’d appreciate it.

  165. That’s so true man, it takes many failures to gain experience and know what to do better or at all next time, it takes HARD work, but it pays off in time with better knowledge. Good example post ;)

  166. Thank you frank you are helpfull allways

  167. hey frank your power of storytelling is ( like Barney stinson says)….legendary.
    Not only an inspirational post but also a great lesson in more than one way….
    Thanks for that.

  168. Thanks, as always!! Come to think of it you DO look like a “roofing contractor”…. :)

  169. Thanks Frank,

    Everybody’s got a story but few if any have one as inspiring as this.

    Oprah? :^) (come to think of it another pretty inspiring story!)

  170. Frank- It trips me out the way your mind works… Your definately in the service business (serving others/reciprocity)

    At what point did you make the shift?

    Best, Brian-

  171. Thank you for having made this story so vivid. It is hard to believe that this happened 100 years ago. If you had written that Mrs. Walker was going through this experience here and now, I would have been, and am, so impressed. However, because this happened 100 years ago, I feel angry at myself for getting all fluffed up at the least obstacle and allowing myself to loose so much time, licking my little scratches. I will keep Mrs. Walker`s story in my mind.

    I hope someone makes a film of her life. It is just what we need.

  172. Frank,

    This has been true for me too (imagine that)! Near bankruptcy, family thinking you are nuts (or dis-owning you) and fighting like hell for what you want.

    Now the good stuff is coming.

    Thanks for all your help. I remember hearing you (at a time when I was about to not get back into the ring) say in an interview something like, “If they (us internet newbies) would just use the shit that they buy from the gurus and actually put it in action instead of whining about it, they would get rich!”
    That changed by focus and now the riches are coming.

    Thanks again,

    Keith Copeland

  173. Thanks! As usual businesses go up and down. Sometimes it’s good to read such a story.

    Leo (The Netherlands)

    P.S. Buy my new house with pier. US$ up, Euro down. Special price 3 million R$

  174. Susan Richards says:

    I appreciate you Frank. Many thanks for the inspirational true story.

    Sincere kind regards to all.

  175. Hey Frank – Great Inspirational Story. Let’s here it for the chicks!

    “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” Napoleon Hill

    P.S. Like others said, I just can’t picture you reading women’s mags! O is one of the best.

  176. PatriciAnne says:

    Thank you Frank Kern.. Im not looking at the bank statement yet.. But Im now certain it will be there.. It just all clicked..
    Your friend,

  177. Magic Power #1 is one of those truths that reminds you of the horror movie where they keep the zombie child locked up in the basement. Everyone knows they have this big problem, but no-one wants to admit it is down there.

    Thanks for bringing this little monster ( our fears) up from the depths, and into the daylight. It needed to be reveled for what it is, and now maybe for some folks, including myself, it’s not as scary!

    Great lesson! Thanks again!

  178. This story resembles so much with me. As I am a former door-to-door vacuum salesman…(kirb…) I don’t know if its okay for me to say the whole name.

    Anyway when I started my first business when I was 16 I thought it was going to be easy…looking back 9 years later, if it wasn’t for all those setbacks I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am today.

    I agree with boths points and number two is definitely an SUPER important one. As the old saying go by Edison I think…”I failed myself to success”

    Nice post brother!

  179. Cool story – Thanks for sharing. It sounds like madam CJ applied the Accelerator for Success system without even knowing the Dream Bar Cafe principles… or did she? :-)

  180. Awesome story Frank. You sure know your stuff, i am a firm believer that to succeed at anything in life we have to clear away the success blocking fear and crap inside of us first that society and circumstance has place there, then get out there and start doing…then the technical and know-how will easily follow. Then we can kick-ass our selves and really start to enjoy life, see you at the top man, you rock.


  181. Thanks for the results getting straight talk, Frank.

    One thing I crave and maybe others do to is to let us get a peak at the transparent reality of your daily life to help us with our own core influence “movie script”…with respect for your family privacy of course.

    Let us see your actual daily business activities, hours, etc…the good bad and ugly.

    …and…naturally…figure out how to sell us something from it


    Thanks for everything, Frank.

    Jason Batten

  182. Great stuff as always Frank. Plain, common-sense advice with a sprinkling of profanity!!;-)

    Do you know where I can get a subscription card to “Liquor Soaked Brawler’s Digest”?

  183. Frank,

    This was a very inspirational and kick in the butt story. Failure was not an option for CJ Walker and it should not be for anyone wanting to succeed and live their dreams.

    Be Blessed!

  184. Good stuff, and very inspirational. The road to success is often paved with many failures. Abraham Lincoln had a ton of failures and lost attempts at elections before becoming an incredible president. My life seems no different, I have had a lot of failures along the way too, my big break must be right around the corner!

    Thanks for sharing this Frank!

  185. Thanks for the story. Sometimes we all need a little kick to move forward.

  186. Frank,
    I love stories like this. It was very inspirational to me. Next time I get kicked (or punched) I’m going to think of this story. Thank you so much!

  187. Wow, Frank… Thank you so much for sharing, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for me right now. First Marlon Sanders had a challenge for his readers… it woke something up in me and I took it on full force this week.

    Then yesterday, my friend Jeannine and I met for lunch, and she challenged me on a personal level to use my talents & gifts and gave me 12 days until she returns from vacation to get some things done that we’d discussed.

    Now you… showing me that if someone with everything in the world going against her, how she still forged onward and became a complete success… that everyone can do absolutely anything they really set their mind to do… including succeeding wildly at internet marketing. :)

    You were so right that we tend to fuss if something minor like the cable goes out… oh my, or your example – a dropped call… or the wrong condiments got put on our hamburgers…

    But the truth is, that nothing, and I mean NOTHING should ever deter us from our goals and dreams. Not ever….

    Thank you so so so much for this very inspirational post. You have no idea how far the ripples from the pebble you tossed into life’s pond can travel.

    Have a great weekend,

    A forever Kern fan!

  188. Wow Frank. Great Motivational story! That was awesome! Will definitely send this out to the masses.

    I agree the hardest part is getting started. However I believe if you just take that first step and make that first sale it becomes addicting and it them becomes easy to keep the momentum going.

    Thanks again

  189. this is very inspirational..i am fired up..i have no excuse

  190. Stew Kelly says:

    Hey Frank,
    Thanks for sharing that inspiring story. It is a testimony to C.J. Walker’s belief in the value of what she was doing and her strength to overcome each and every obstacle.

    We can’t even imagine what she had to go through. We are so spoiled by modern technology and conveniences. It’s hard to imagine no roads, poor transportation, etc,…and trudging dusty dirt roads to sell her products in the heat or cold.

    Having a determined focus and perseverance is even more necessary today.

    There are so many competing voices clamoring for our attention that our mind gets pulled in different directions and dilutes our
    focus and increases our fear.

    Knowing is only half the battle, it is in the doing that we find victory.

    Hey man, it’s great to hear from you again:)

  191. You never fail to inspire us! Thanks Frank, look forward to more from you.

  192. Great content Frank Never was one for reading magazines Guess that will Have to change,
    Like everybody on the net After 3 Years I`m still at it maybe one day I will Get there.
    No matter How many times I get knock`d down,
    Unless it`s in a 6+3 box no way back from that?

  193. Thank you for posting such a fantastic thought. You are very inspirational.

  194. George Kelberg says:

    Frank, bravo!
    It’s really aspirational and leading to an “just do it” stage. It strikes!

  195. hey surfer dude:

    just had to make me laugh , eh..

    best bio i’ve seen ever ….

    keep it us bro

  196. Thanks Frank for the Reminder..we create our reality with our beliefs and the thoughts we think about. If we think we can, we will, if we think we can’t, we won’t. Our results follow our expectations of what we think we can or can’t do.

    peace and blessings Man..

  197. Wow, just what I needed to get me back in gear, I have been putting off finishing my product as I have been too worried that it won’t be good enough.(Now I know it wont to some no need to worry)

    Thanks for the kick in the behind,


  198. Frank,

    After having the domain of my name for almost two years (…lol…) finally got off my ass and did something with it after jumping on List Control (…the last course I’m ever going to have to buy (thanks))

    Magic power one out of the way.

    I’m waiting for my first big knockout punch (…know it’s coming…) and even I’m interested to see how I’m going to react.

    It seems all the best business men and women have lost it all.

    I’m from the UK so I’ve read about people like Peter Jones, Dan Kennedy and many others.

    It’s almost as if its necessary for you to lose everything to become really successful.

    I’m going to (try) and run through all hurdles. Get tripped up and get right back up again.

    Thanks for the post.

    Reach new heights


  199. Thanks for sharing that Franky boy! It is just what I needed to move forward. I am not sure if I am “afraid of failing” or “afraid of succeeding”. I know I am more than capable, I guess I will just have to do it and find out. I am inspired, if you can do it, so can I! : )

  200. Interesting and entertaining.

    I’ve noticed #1 Magic power in myself, I spend to much time trying to plan things out to get the great result, instead of going after the experience which is what really gets the great results.

    Muchas Gracias

  201. Great story Frank, stories like these, remind us that there really no excuse for any of us to not be extraordinary!

    Thanks man,


  202. I generally HATE motivational articles, but I LOVED this one. Read a similar story about the guy who started Colonel Sander’s Kentucky Fried Chicken. What was his name? Sometimes you don’t start fighting till your back is against the wall.

  203. Hey Frank, i just talked about your core presentation video in one of my blog posts. It’s powerful stuff and I hope I can get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

    Great Karma,


  204. I’m from Indy originally and very familiar with Madam Walker’s story, but it’s good to hear it again, thanks for the perspective!

  205. walter daniels says:

    Frank, on the “failed businesses,” BTDT. I’m in the process of starting my Fifth business in 32 years. Admittedly, 4 were put under by injuries, but I learned something each time. Even the one dead before I could fully launch it.
    Now, at age 60 and 85% paraplegic (I can walk about 10 feet), I;m going for #5. Putting everything I’ve learned into it. I may fail, but not for lack of willingness to try.
    Sometimes, you have to ask yourself. Will it be any worse, if I do try? Unless the answer is resoundingly yes, why not try?

  206. Hey Frank i am glad that you decided to get a blog, like Jeff Walker. I think the only social useful thing is to get a blog.

    Thanks for this great story and reminding people to get to work and take action NOW!

  207. Thanks Frank, I`ve been reading and following your worthy knowledge , comments and posts, I hope one day no to far I`ll reach my economical success and attend one of your seminars.

    Best of luck to you and your family

  208. I love the analogy about the coach and the boxer. Brilliant…

  209. Brilliant,

    thanks Frank

  210. Wonderful, Frank!
    That’s me, the one needing the butt-kicking, 3-5 times a day!

  211. Hi Frank,

    Cool to see you get hip to Black History!

    Being in a bi-racial family, I’ve been telling people for years that it’s a shame great stories like Madam C. J. Walker’s aren’t commonly taught in schools.

    You ever get to Detroit, go check out the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History as well as the Motown Historical Museum.

    Lots of great lessons most folks never learn about.

    You did a great job with “The Two Magic Powers”. Hope to see more stuff like this from you soon!



  212. Frank,
    Thanks for sharing this. I have always admired Madam C.J. Walker as a heroine, but this article reminded me of just how powerful of a person she really was. This was definitely an inspiration to me. Thanks again man.

    The Cartoon Coach

  213. Thanks Frank this article is the kick in the pants I need to get me back on track

  214. Great story, Frank – good example of how hard work eventually paid off… there’s a lesson there for many people. From what I’ve seen, a lot of would be entrepreneurs don’t work a fraction as hard as they need to, to become successful. Example it’s 3:30am and here I am working on writing articles for my latest site. 12-16 hour days are the norm, first 3-5 years… people who work a couple hours a day on their web businesses likely won’t make it.


  215. Damn You Kern…

  216. Hello Frank,

    Writing this comment in a dutch enviroment, I’m again inspired by a story written by you.

    During my live ( 45 yrs old)I’ve lost four brothers and my father. Because of this lost I saw this as an enrichment of my live. I started my own Inspiration Productions See & Act. With storytelling, music and dance my public and students will take that piece out of it that matches their experiences. I don’t change peoples live, they do it theirselves.

    Your approach of doing your thing is very inspiring for me.

    Meitie from The Netherlands.

  217. Hi Frank
    First steps to Internet Marketing?
    I bought Instant Internet Empires which was closed down about a week later!
    Undeterred, I bought Info Millionaire which you then shut down!
    I think I managed to watch most of the videos before you closed it and thought it was good.
    New version of Info Millionaire with Trey – I couldn’t get a copy!
    Took a long time to learn as much as I could, then got my first website up.
    So you’re the ‘star’ (congrats) and I’m the snail still trying to get there (LOL)

  218. What a great story and inspiration to us all – thanks so much for sharing this!

  219. Great message there! getting started is always the hardest part and once you’ve been knocked down a couple of times there are always new excuses not to get back to it!

    Really inspiring story! thanks.

  220. Thanks for the story! Very inspirational…

  221. Thank You Frank!

    I so TOTALLY love the way you kick our asses!

    I doubt you’ve ever heard this before (hehe) but you’re a pretty amazing guy.

    You’ve certainly earned your success, may it always be a blessing and never a curse.

  222. I cannot resist not reading your blog!
    You are a star in IM space …

  223. Wow. This is inspiring! So motivational.. Thanks for sharing.

  224. Reminds me of the story Dan Kennedy shares now and then about a door to door salesman. He sells pots and pans. And he makes or made over $200k per year doing it! He wouldn’t come home until he hit his sales goal for the day or week.

  225. Thanks for a great post, Frank. If not for you, I would probably never have heard of Madam Walker and her remarkable story.

  226. Excellent post Frank. This is a perfect example showing that the entreprenuer is only limited by their imagination and will to succeed. Where you come from, the odds against you, and all other obstacles are mountains you must climb to make your dream a reality.

  227. This is a tremendously GREAT Post – motivating, helpful and effective!
    I have gone through shit, climbed over dead bodies (really), lost everything including my good look and health. I again started with 0. Not and not having any success just makes me work harder and try different things. This blog-post, Frank, gave me more hope.
    I really believe, you should do more about “life and success coaching”.

  228. Well, you just made me feel like a whiny butt!

    Thanks for the History Lesson ;-) We have it made compared to the “old days.”


  229. Thank You Frank Kern!

    Way to ‘Be A Man’ :)

    Didn’t know about the balding, (as if she had not suffered enough!), though it was ‘just’ straightening and smoothing she formulated.

    More facts of significance regarding ‘Saint’ Madame Walker, (as she should rightly be known):

    A survivor of domestic violence, Walker was a childhood victim of tragedy, the scars she would carry throughout her entire life. At fourteen, she married Moses McWilliams to escape the abuse of her brother-in-law.

    An inventor, i.e. marketed her own product, she is considered a revolutionary in the area of personal hygiene and grooming for the nation’s black women.

    A charitable philanthropist, Walker employed agents not only went door-to-door advertising and selling her products, they also taught women how to become their own boss.

    Walker’s assistants taught women how to set up beauty parlors in their own homes, keep business records, and become financially independent. Madame Walker also gave women the choice and opportunity to be financially independent so they did not have to rely on their husbands.

    In addition, she founded two colleges to train African-American women to be cosmetologists, one in Pittsburgh and one in New York. This gave women a sense of dignity in being able to support themselves and their families.

    Likewise, Walker gave money to numerous African-American organizations and institutes as well as other charitable causes, including but not limited to:

    1 scholarships for women at:

    a Tuskegee Institute and
    b Charlotte Hawkin’s Palmer Memorial Institute,

    2 bequeathed five thousand dollars to both:

    a Bethone’s Daytona Normal and Industrial for Negro Girls and
    b Lucy Laney’s Haynes Institute in Augusta, Georgia

    3 contributed to homes for the aged in:

    a St. Louis and
    b Indianapolis

    4 the Young Women’s Christian Association, and

    5 the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

    Walker has been posthumously inducted into the National Business Hall of Fame at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and the National Women’s Hall of Fame.


  230. Speaking as a African American Frank I really appreciate your writing about this.

    She also ran a large facility as well.

    And the MOST AMAZING thing you didn’t mention was that she TAUGHT others to replicate her success with a hair school and they setup around the country.

    Thank you agian Frank for being real.

  231. Just had to say you are doing a great job Frank.
    Many blessings to you.

  232. Amazing. I’m reading and hearing the same fundamental truths of how to reach your goals in life. All the people who mentioned this were quite creditable and Frank’s story of this courageous woman gave me further insight into what I must do. Thank you for sharing and all the best!

  233. One of the best motivational stories I have ever heard. It is amazing what people can achieve when they have no other choice. Certainly it gives you focus and momentum, but usually only after you have overcome the fear.

  234. Thanks for that story Frank…

    It’s very helpful to me right now as I’m a little fearful… heck no!… very fearful of where my business is going right now. So thanks for that.

    Another thing about this lady…

    Becoming a millionaire these days is nothing compared to her time, although I’m not a millionaire yet. Look… she earned $1.50 a day! The average wage is probably around $100 to $150 a day in these times. No comparison. And yet she did it!

    So this is making me think and realize that if she can do it, then I could do it way more easlily.


  235. Way to go Frank! How rarely do we even read anything…that’s worth the time spent reading?

    Thanks for revving up our collective marketing motors and hanging a pair of truck nutz on our beat up pick up trucks. i can feel the waves of passion crashing through barriers of B.S. worldwide among your readership.

  236. Frank, that f**kin’ rocked mate!
    I gotta say I am REALLY enjoying this more “authentic” persona you’re putting out dude. The ‘lazy’ thang never really felt true to me…and though I’m sure the idea of having to get off yer ass and actually do sh*t bursts a lot of bubbles (as evidenced by the lower comments eh?) I think you’re conveying a really important message here that will reward you on a larger scale…that’s certainly my hope for you Frank. Keep F**kin With Em ;-)

  237. Great story Frank. Glad to hear I’m not the only one out there who has failed a few times. It can be hard to get back up and get after it again, but the learning that happens is sometimes worth it. Cheers!

  238. Hi Frank:
    Great article. You have a gift to inspire people.

  239. Frank, you always have something great to offer us. I loved your post! Thanks!

  240. Great story. Thanks so much for the inspiration. So many people give up at the first sign of “failure” but we have to fail to succeed. Just never give up.

  241. Thanks Frank. What a great lesson.

    You blog posts always inspire me. Keep up the AWESOME work.


  242. Hi Frank,
    I LOVE these sorts of stories and since I have been a faithful Oprah magazine subscriber since she started her magazine, I now have even MORE respect for you than I already had! :) Thank you for taking the time to share this story with your readers and also to draw parallels to your own journey as an entrepreneur. This kind of post is why I love the blogosphere and being among the next generation of online leaders!
    Thanks again!
    Mary Lou

  243. Frank – You have an uncannie way of hitting that ‘secret’ nerve. Thanks

  244. awesome post. Really powerful and good to read again from time to time as you can lose site of this stuff. Happy to see you’re really getting into this blogging thing … I was wondering why IMers were neglecting this powerul media that perfectly complements a good list.

  245. Holy shit !!!. Could write more but I should be working.

  246. Thank you for setting us all straight that are starting in this industry or have been a involved and to scared to get out of the dug out, pick up a bat and knock that ball out of the ball park.

    Be Blessed Frank!

  247. Thanks for the article, Frank. If that doesn’t inspire all entrepreneurs, I don’t know what will! Keep up the great work.

    Steve Hawk

  248. Awesome frank, very moving and very motivating!
    You are the man, rock on and thanks for this, I NEEDED IT!

  249. I had to share this. Great writing. Funny, amazing and imperative to all of us who want to create millionaire status in their lives! I’m not stopping baby. This is just the beginning and it only gets better, harder and more rewarding.

  250. Super article Frank. Great story on what’s important: taking action!

  251. Outstanding article. Thanks Frank the information is appreciated.

  252. Hey Frank,

    Thanks for the wake up ass kicking. We timed and maybe, no definitely way overdue.

    One of us true entrepreneurs online or offline are strangers to doing whatever it takes to be successful and to follow your bliss to the max. It’s what we were born to do, man.

    Take Care,

    David Paul
    The Bliss Guy

  253. We alwsys think of our situations as so extreme… The things I face are miniscule compared to what others go through or have gone through before me.

    The problem arrised in the fact that each of us is at the center of our own universe and can herdly think much further than our own ASS that when presented with real life struggles and challenges it is so out of the ordinary.

    I am glad that my house did not get washed away in a flash-flood this week, or devoured by a tornado, or pummeled by a landslide, thrashed by a hurricane, burnt down by a vilent wildfire, crumbled to the ground by an earthquake… For there things I am grateful.

    While others were looking for the remains of their lost loved ones, I was going to a Raggae festival and then watching the Lakers on Hi-Def television. I need to stop complaining and start moving…

    Thanks Frank and crazy 1865 woman of merit!!!

    Ryan K

  254. I clicked on this post in passing thinking I would just read it partially and finish it later as I was stepping out the door. Now I’m completely late to my appointment because I just couldn’t stop reading it. SO AMAZING is the story and SO TRUE was your follow-up. Having run to the ground my share of offline businesses, online business development is my next new frontier. Looking forward to falling and getting up again! Thanks for the post!

  255. This and other great maladies that I see other people have greater than mine which are most.
    Are what I look at every time I start thinking about anything that has been done to me, Which is nothing. After losing my business of 20 years and 15 hour days with nothing left but burnout. These great stories of such great heorism are the embers that can reenite the flame.
    Thanks Frank
    Mostly thanks Madam Walker for you are still an insperation to all who have a brain.

  256. Man, that’s beautiful stuff. Thanks Frank. If Madam Walker’s story doesn’t make someone get off their ass and get to work, nothing will.

  257. thank you very munch for sharing this amazing history also it tell you we are more than what we are capable doing

  258. Hi Frank,

    Really enjoyed this post. It seems we are somehow wired to first find all the reasons why we can’t do something. Since we know this is the case we have to consciously short circuit the loop and focus on all the reasons why we can do it.

    Hey I think Oprah is great (mostly). She too is an inspiration considering her background and what she has achieved herself.


  259. Frank – Good post my friend! Thanks for stepping outside of your own frame of reference to tell the story of Madame C J Walker. You just demonstrated that with curiosity about people, we can each learn from & be inspired by the determination, character, and successful actions that entrepreneurs take – regardless of their background. We can all outgrow our circumstances to become leaders, game changers, and mentors for others. Bravo!

  260. well worth the read. A little long, but it was still good

  261. Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks :)

  262. What a great article… “Stay the Course” and win. What odds Madam Walker broke through.

  263. Stuart Munro says:

    Thanks Frank. Great article. Just the excuse crushing, get off your arse butt kicking we all needed to have. Stu

  264. Hi Frank,

    Great Outstanding article, I will use it to inspire my downline.

  265. Wow! what a great story, Thanks Frank, No excuses not to be one!

  266. My I-Phone #4 broke today. One of our Ad-words campaigns is taking more work than anticipated.

    I was about to throw myself on the floor and have a little temper tantrum.

    Think.. I will just just suck it up and continue to be the entrepreneur I have worked so hard to become.

    Great story Frank

  267. Fabulous article! Love it! Just what I needed. Thanks

  268. Frank, Very inspiring! I am going to save this and read it from time to time, just to give myself a little kick in the *ss!

    I am also going to share it with others that I know will benefit from reading it.

    Thanks, Joseph McDevitt

  269. I never even heard of this story until now. Thanks so much for sharing! It’s an incredibile story of heart and perserverence.

  270. Great article Frank. It’s always a good reality check to read an article like this… It gives me a motivation boost and puts everything into perspective.

    Nick Klopper

  271. Great post Frank, love the article and love the way you write it :)

  272. Thanks for the great article Frank. I’m going to print this off and read it every day I get started. What an amazing person to endure.

  273. Another fantastic post. Why is it everytime you send something out – its like I just got kicked in the teeth again – BUT in the good way!

    Thanks Frank

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  275. AWESOME, wonderful, brilliant and inspiring!
    So much we can all do along the magical journey of life and success…this is a great story to share and pass along.
    Thank you so very much!!!!
    Make it an AMAZING DAY!!! :)

  276. Great article Frank.

    You hit a home run here with the article.

    I have learnt a lot from you and have been putting things into Action day by day.

    Every day i want to achieve something so that it takes me closer to where i want to be and who i want to be…

    Thanks again…

  277. Thanks Frank, just what I needed. The heck with being scared… I’m going for it…

  278. Love it Frank! Great post. And you’re right, we have no excuse… especially with all of the technology (and information) we have available to us… now if we can only get our politicians to start being honest…

    ; )

  279. Great article….a story that should be a part of all business and marketing programs at the universities…
    Thanks for sharing, Frank.

  280. I’ve got no excuses now to give it my best everyday.

    Thanks for this reminder, Frank.

  281. Thanks for this, Frank. So warming to hear that so many successful people were in a shitty place (often many) before really making it.

    I read that Steve Jobs was in his worst ever financial situation just before he did the deal that made him a billionaire.

  282. Great post Frank! Excellent timing too…I’m gonna start thinking about what she must have went through to be as successful as she was as I encounter “obstacles” that can sometimes get in my way. Crazy to think of anything that I’ve encountered as a real obstacle after considering all of the major things that she was able to overcome. Thanks!

  283. Frank thanks for giving us another nugget.
    Scott Sylvan bell

  284. Your post is powerful Frank.

    I need to still here these stories at 54 years young.

    I have not cracked the 6 figure code online…but reading these stories keeps me going.

    My team and I promote self help as part of our sales funnel since EVERYONE NEEDS IT.

    I blog often about the fact that I came from -10 on the success scale until I found great stories inside books such as this one.

    It took me many hours of good stuff into my head to get to “0″

    My self and the vast majority of people have no where near the challenges of Madam C.J. Walker.

    I am blessed with great health and family so the fact that I don’t make 6 figures online is simply a challenge that I will master.

    Thanks for the super post Frank.

  285. Genial fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  286. Thanks Frank, Love everything you do. You are an absolute inspiration.

  287. nice post. thanks.

  288. Just what I needed to hear, and just when I needed to hear it. Thank you! (And thank you, Madame Walker; you were really something special.)

  289. Really inspiring

  290. amazing information, bookmarked!! keep it up.

  291. Well I don’t generally comment on blogs but I happened upon yours while I was doing a bit of job research in Google today therefore i decided I might leave a quick note. Obviously I’ve become a bit distracted after sticking around to look over some of your articles. Keep up the excellent writing and i am already looking forward to checking out upcoming posts. Take care!

  292. ..seems like i landed at the right site..just thought of checking out your blog and saw this post…glad i is REALLY hard for anyone to have laser focus EVERYDAY in doing something that will improve their life even if they know it will eventually..society gives soo much negative feedback to us if we don’t check the source that we don’t think stuff will work out..Madame’s story really is inspirational…the ONLY challenge is to stay FOCUSED and MOTIVATED DAILY!!!!

    thanks frank..thats why am still in your list since day one..all the rest do not seem genuine in helping people out…see you at the top…

  293. Thank you Frank for this post. It is amazing how we let small things hold us back.
    This is a great story to keep in mind when we get knocked down and feel like quitting. We can make it happen if we just get back up learn from our mistakes and persevere.

  294. Thank you! Really Inspiring!

  295. Fantastic success story! Fighting through failure is absolutly the halmark of a successful person, I agree. As long as I don’t fail the same way twice, I am moving foreward. And as far as getting off my ass? I tell my kids “there is always a reason, but never an excuse”

  296. Just awesome!! I can totally relate, getting your shins cut off and your teeth kicked in before having that big break through is part of being successful…

    Thanks for putting it right out front, some just need to know being successful is not about luck…


  297. Bev Bojarski says:

    This is so inspiring. Kinda makes me Think, if she could do it, so can I!! We can have Anything we want in Life, if we take that Thought and turn it into a Burning Desire, which stops at Nothing!!
    (Napoleon Hill)

  298. Mother**** that’s a powerful story!

    You know, people in the West don’t know what they have.

    If you are poor in this society, you chose it there’s no other explanation.

  299. Loved that post! We spend so much time trying getting ready to “do” instead of just “doing.” Thanks for the awesome reminder of your two commandments that I learned at Experts Academy last month!

    ~Edie Kay

  300. Fantastic web-site, exactly where did you found the information in that article? I’m pleased I came across it although, ill be checking back again soon to find out what other content you have.

  301. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this site regularly, thanks for the info!

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  304. What do I have to be scared of….NOTHING!

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  306. I not like your stuff, I LOVE it! ;-)



  307. Frank! You are much missed. You are a true inspiration. Don’t want to be too famous? Too late, you already are. A REAL ROLE MODEL!

    Take care,


  308. Thanks Frank, This post made me want to come back for more. I found you through some training I am doing with Mike Dillard. Great post thanks.
    Mary Kay Carr

  309. nursing schools says:

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  310. you inspire me

  311. Frank,
    You are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome story, Ms. Walker, was a great and unbelievable woman…

    Thank you!

  312. Great Post Frank,

    One of the biggest “Success lessons” is continuing to press on… never giving up and never quitting.

    You cannot fail if you never quit, it’s literally impossible.

    If you didn’t get the result you were looking for then just keep moving forward and making adjustments… don’t even think of it as failure.

    Think of it as a learning lesson…

    The more “failures” you have the more successes that they equate to on the opposite side of the equation…

    So really all of us should be out there trying to fail as much as we can because that equals just as much if not greater success on the other side.

    Great post! Keep it up!

    David King

  313. Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  314. Frank,

    Right on brother! I wanna hear more about the Dog Fence ordeal! LOL!

    I have been to Macon many times, that deal must have been worse than getting hit by Mike Tyson!

    I will see you in Ca Soon

  315. F’n A Dude. Great post. Hey, I really liked Instant Internet Empires.

  316. Great post. I see the same thing in business… people are just afraid to go out and do it.

    Many successful men/women started back when they were kids… for me i had a casino for the neighborhood kids at 8 car washing when i was 11, was a magician at 14, and now a web marketer. Ive failed, been laughed at, even pushed off my “podium” while doing magic… but i wouldn’t trade those life lessons for anything :-)

  317. I think the one thing that keeps the ‘average’ from succeeding is FAILURE… the fear of it, or the experience of it. And they quit.

    Good one, Frank!


  318. Excellent Inspirational article Frank. Hats off to Madam C.J.Walker for he courage, resilience and commitment.
    Now I need to show the same level of focus, commitment and action to my Online Business.
    To my success motivated by Frank
    Head down, bum up…

  319. Inspiring notes!

  320. Will Foster says:

    Thank you for the inspiration, I am at the “dusting off” stage and it helped me grow a pair.

  321. once again, a nice post from Frank

  322. Nice post Frank.

    If we acknowledge and empathise with the forces that drive the person, they will most likely reveal the ‘Values’ that most matter to them.

    It might be doing the right thing, challenge, recognition, money, acceptance, gratitude in any particular order.

  323. Orlando Perez says:

    Thanks Frank,

    That’s swift kick in my ass!

    Are you hiring?

  324. Frank,
    That is a awesome post and very well needs to be read by everyone, Thank for your help and all you do, I have learned a lot from you over the years and looking forward to more pearls of wisdom…

    To Your ultimate success,


  325. First your “GROW A PAIR” email headline got me laughing. Then you followed up with a post that was a worthwhile read. Thanks for the inspiration.

  326. Thank you Frank sometimes we need our balls busted so we can get going. This was a good one. Awesome Frank keeping it REAL!
    Stay Blessed


  327. Frank – flat out one of the best pieces of content you’ve ever put online.

    And I’ve read a LOT of them (hey, I’m from Georgia too…. hoping that there’s something in the water here that will rub off on me…lol!)


  328. B.rugal says:

    Frank, One word for this post… BADASS!

  329. That was the best post I’ve read in a while. I’m gonna make a video post about her on my VBLOG.

  330. I have heard (and used a few myself) every excuse under the sun from people why they can’t do something.

    Excellent post and very inspirational.


  331. Frank, usual, a great piece of writing, inspirational, motivational, and funovational too! :-)

  332. Thanks Frank for the ass whipping. I needed that!

    I was growing a third ass cheek making excuses as to not get going on something or other. Gotta learn WordPress, shitter, space face, my book and everything else before I jumped into the game.

    Reminds me of a classic saying “Ignorance on fire is more powerful than knowledge on ice”.

    I am now officially out of excuses…

  333. Thanks in large part to you, Frank; I have a working site that doesn’t look too much like 1998 and it generates revenue. I’ll keep hangin around you, Coach, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a handle on this social media. In the meantime, thanks buddy; you’re the best.

  334. Great story, very inspirational. A true marketer-find a problem, offer a real solution to a hungry market, reap the rewards. And don’t take no for an answer! Offer a superior product that really helps people and they will keep coming back for more! No snake oil, but the real deal. Now all I have to say is, where are all the FEMALE internet marketing gurus out there?? We need a few more to get out there and strut their stuff as role models!

  335. Damn, and I thought “Liquor Soaked Brawler’s Digest” was out of print all this time :) Good stuff, my friend.

  336. Jay Rosenberg says:

    It’s always this: Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Everything counts. But if not now, when?

  337. Frank Dude, you are something. Not quite sure what but something. That is a really good post. It hit the spot. Not only for biz but for kids trying to play sports, going to school and dealing with other kids and ‘rents.
    (just discovered that’s what they call us parents when texting and stuff…ahh jeez) Just gotta get out there and get off your azz. Loved it!

  338. Now THAT’s pretty inspiring! I’m glad I opened up your email and clicked on the link. I really have no excuse to get things done. Any setback, big or small, us just part of learning. Thanks for sharing.

  339. ¡Wow! And I thought I was too ambitious because I want a several-million-hits blog! I should stop whining first, that’s for sure.

  340. Thanks for the inspiration!! This blog def made me feel better!!

  341. Hey Frank,

    Just like everything else I have seen and heard you do; you blog with style….FK style. It is hard not to like and admire you.

    This was a great post! Thanks.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  342. Kern-san:
    Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 11:33am Yokohama

    UR the UBER Motivator but I really miss the guitar.
    The Layout here by Woo Themes is premier cru too.

    Where are my grits?

  343. Wow, this is amazing stuff. Only people forget to life by it!!!!!!!! I am doing my part. Hope the others will too so they don’t get stuck in life ever!!!!!!!!!!

  344. I’ve been in business for 14 years, and this post hit right to the core. Terrific lesson, and so well told and so badly needed. Thank you Frank.

  345. I will use this in my business for sure…this is my #1 problem with the affiliates of my company…Problem is I have lite so many fires under their ***** they should be on fire…but not really…although they all love to show up for trainings…go figure?

  346. The most inspiring story I have read in a long time! This is one that needs to be spread like gossip…. or is that a virus?

  347. The biggest nugget I got from this story is that she didn’t allow her past to affect her future. She remained steadfast in the face of adversity by not accepting what most people accept: mediocrity. Thanks for sharing bro!

  348. Great post!! Thanks for the encouragement – those are the reasons that I keep plugging away, knowing that eventually I AM going to get it right – hit the nail on the head, finally.

    Good stuff!

  349. Powerful example of female entrepreneurship and perseverance. Funny, the first time I heard of C.J. is through you, Frank. (Being I am female and part Af/Am! I don’t read Oprah magazine. Ha!)

    Thanks for drilling down to the good stuff and making it pertinent to my life as a coach and Internet marketer.

    “Peaceful waters does not a skillful sailor make.”
    African proverb

  350. History is strewn with “go getters” like Ms. Walker… Alfred C. Fuller – started out picking berries for a penny a quart… Many, many more…

    I think the feeling it’s going to get “hairy”, for most people, is what works in their subconscious minds, and keeps many from succeeding like Ms. Walker, and Mr. Fuller.

    I really liked this post Frank! I think that I’ll brush myself off, comb through some of the stuff I have from you, part ways with failure, and grow some success of my own!

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave

  351. Seems like it’s the whole “Nothing-to-fear-but-fear-itself” thing. I was scared to start for all of the reasons you mentioned. Then one day someone asked a simple question about IM and i went off on a 40-minute explanation. It was then I realized how much IM stuff I knew, how little IM stuff the general public knows, and that there’s NO REASON not to “just DO it”. Thanks, Frank. Great stuff… as usual.

  352. It’s stories like this that sometimes change an average person into a home run star. It’s not all what you know or specialize in, it’s how strong your will is to succeed. Lack of money didn’t stop her, hate and humiliation didn’t either. I will, for hence forth, follow her methods after reading this message. Thank you Mr. Kern for what you saw in this wonderful woman.

    Keep It Real,
    JP Butts

  353. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

  354. OUTSTANDING post Frank !
    one of your better, to the point posts.
    look forwards to your next distribution of value ;) May God be with you on your endeavors.

    - Shane of the Shane Network

  355. Wish there was an app for that!! Growing a pair…
    I’m a single mom, went back and got my MBA and still have had my ass kicked the last few years…but every time I get up…I’m a little stronger, and a little smarter, and a little clearer on who I need to be and who I want working with me.
    Thanks for showcasing an amazing “s”hero…

  356. Thanks for this. Feeling down this morning. Goin’ get back in the ring!

  357. Thanks Frank,
    As always, you are right on the spot and entertaining! This is so true, what ever you are doing if life! Action makes reaction! Go for it, I know I will!

    Take care!

  358. Great story.

    I learned a very important lesson from you a couple of years back. Get a good product… I prefer my own products these days…. use some good internet marketing skills to tell people what I got, this is what it will do for you and here’s what I want you to do next.

    But the biggest part of this lesson is everyone somehow thinks you had a magic bullet… well you did and I used it. Stick with it. Do what needs to be done. Be smart. And stick with it. Ya gotta work it to get it done.

    Thanks for the great lessons…and because of it a simple 5K Training Program Running With Dogs is doing more than great.

    I’m stoked every day about it!

  359. Greta post Frank. C.J. Walker’s story was really inspirational.

  360. Sometimes I think people who make it against all odds are making it because of that, there is nothing they have to lose!
    While we actually fear to give up some little convenient things instead of putting in some work to get something bigger.

  361. Took the words right out of my mouth! 2 articles in my newsletter at about dealing with mistakes & overcoming failure! It’s half the mountain you have to climb to build a business. Wise words Frank – keep it up

  362. Thanks Frank, I believe I know exactly how you feel… it’s like a rerun of my own life.. I’m 61 now and only halfwy through my intended minimum lifespan… I’ve had more knockbacks than most people have had hot dinners, but it’s better standing than lying in the dirt. I intend leaving this planet, Happy, Healthy & Wealthy! I’m the first two and well on the way to the third! Cheers Paul from the UK

  363. procrastination is under threat?

  364. Blimey, and in that day and age to be a millionaire would be of vastly more value than today. I know where you are coming from exactly when you talk about your initial business failures Frank; talk about bounce back! I am a UK based business man and can definitely vouch for everything you say here. I like to say: There is no such thing as failure; we are either succeeding or learning! Just gotta catch the wave and go for it!
    Cheers, Ken.

  365. This is one of THE best articles I’ve seen you put out there Frank. Not only does it put everything in to perspective but the underlying ‘suggested’ stuff so damn well crafted.Our success really is down to the way we deal with challenges. Its pretty much the only skill that counts. It’s where everyone else falls down and where we should focus our efforts.

  366. Think of it as a learning lesson…

    People don’t have the mind set like ganster mind:
    Don’t be scared about nothing!
    Don’t be scared to fail
    Don’t be scared to lost money

    Only scared about the Gold

  367. Madison Quinn says:

    I’m not religious, but today you made me a believer in something. Just today, I was thinking about all the tomorrow syndrome I have been putting up with (I’ll start it tomorrow…), and realized that it was fear.

    You know that movie Dune? “Fear is the Mindkiller” – totally true. Today, I did something I haven’t done very often in my life – I asked for a sign, and I got three of them, one of them this link to your blog (which, I’m sorry I don’t read too often).

    So, I guess I gotta buck up, suck it up and shut up and get my nose to the grindstone. Thanks, Frank, for the kick in the patootie!

  368. Excellent article.

  369. Write on, Frank! Another great, inspirational story about a person who overcomes adversity. Love your breezy writing style.

    I often mention you in my live programs and teleseminars. Keep up the good work.

  370. Great Post Frank, u r amazing! i love reading a stuff like this

  371. Thanks for sharing this Frank. I was just having this conversation with a buddy of mine yesterday. It doesn’t matter what’s happened or what’s happening, you NEVER give up, you NEVER say day. Quitting is NEVER an option. You have to fight through the fire. Glad you took the time to read Oprah… ;)

  372. Absolutely great stories, Frank – both Ms Walker’s and your own. Inspiring for people in any line, not just an internet business.

    And I promise: we won’t let word get out about that Oprah thing (too much)

  373. Great coverage of a great story! Glad I stumbled across ‘you’. Thanks for sharing.

  374. Frank, I can so relate to your #1 failure to get started, and the desire to be perfect.

    Our own online camping equipment shop is now finally up and running, and making sales even though less than 10% of the products are loaded. But we spent so long evaluating which shopping cart software to use that we’ve missed this season’s main demand. That error – and delay – has cost us far more than using the wrong cart software ever could.

    And on #2 I’ve been a fan of your for years, and have built blogs, monetised them, built lists etc. … and then ultimately made a mistake or two that cost the business.

    So everybody else take heed – Frank knows what he’s talking about!

  375. Wow Frank..
    Got me by surprise with this story. Didn’t expect much at first. But this is truly a huge motivation.
    And let me tell you dude… you are one heck of a writer ! :)
    I will come here more often, I love what you do !

  376. Great Inspirational Story!!…Love Stories like this, It helps me keep going in my own endeavors.

    David King: You had a great comment too.It’s all true.

    Read the Book ” Three Feet From Gold” It’s a Great and sounding Book, to NEVER give up!, your only three feet from Gold.

    It’s supported by the Hill Foundation which Hill made the original book of “Think and Grow Rich”.

  377. Hey Frank, I always thought you were inspired by the ladies! Anyway great show here Frank, She was quite a lady. Thanks for finding this…

  378. Wow, Frank! That was so awesome and amazing I don’t even have enough superlatives to describe it. Thanks so much for the inspiration we struggling internet marketers needed to keep on keeping on.

  379. Thank You Frank for sharing this
    Inspiring story of Madam Walker, “CJ”.
    She is Quite and Incredible Soul.

    You are Wise in Sharing this and I
    Appreciate Your Concern for Your Fellow Man in these times.

    I would love to know more people in life that share her tenacity.

    In the last 2 years I’ve gone through bankruptcy, lost my job, totaled my only vehicle but used the settlement for bills/food/beer and now have 77 days before my condo” will sold in foreclosure so I’ve been feeling a littleshitty… but Damn Dude… I Just Got a Renewed Sense of Bobby Ch icon. You’re way too young Bro to remember him but he was like Rocky back when I was in my teens,”60′s”. A lightweight Hispanic Boxer who always got the Holy Shit Beat Outa his Ass and you would swear he was gonna die in the ring but always made a comeback in the last round.

    Thanks Again Frank You’re Awesome!

    I always enjoy your thoughts.

  380. Awexome and very inspiring post, and an amazing story. You are right though, the story shows that anyone can make a lot of money, as long as they continuously take action and don’t give up after the inevitable failure.

  381. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the refreshing article on Madame CJ Walker. I needed that wake-up call today. It’s people like her that I have to remind myself of where I came from and where I’m going.

    It’s so easy to get bogged down in what I like to call the details, instead of getting on with the business at hand. Thanks again.

  382. Great post! True and to the point.

  383. Inspiring story and great insights Frank. Worth sharing and giving us another kick in the butt to keep at it. The little obstacles seem even smaller and very poor excuses.
    Thanks, Del

  384. thankyou i always happy with your programs
    Frank kern

  385. Great story, Frank. Madame CJ is a great example of Growing a Pair. As always, your writing is engaging and inspiring.

  386. Terrence says:

    Thanks for this motivational post Frank, illustrating once more the inevitability of success, if… you make that first step and then brush off your pants after making the (inevitable) fall(s).

    I developed a new exercise out of this: Imagining and feeling with increased intensity that lady walking the streets of Louisiana hardening herself against those NO’s and every time coming back stronger and..knocking on the next door.

    Keep me posted on your posts.

  387. You were the guy behind Instant Internet Empires? OMG! I wondered what had happened to that project. Seemed like it just kind of disappeared off the radar. Coming back from that truly did take perseverance. Madam C.J.’s got nothing on you. Thanks for sharing a great story, and don’t forget the Tony Robbins program on NBC tonight.

  388. Frank,

    First: Madame CJ Walker is amazing. I found out about her watching a movie, of all things, and her story has stayed with me. Glad to see more people get to know her story.

    Second: every time I read your stuff I can almost here you saying it. Great storyteller.

    Third: I am at that stage. I was scared, so I left my hometown, moved to a new city with almost no belongings and now I am at the point where I am promoting “the project”. I am not sure how the adventure is going to work out and I am terrified. I also know that if I don’t try, I will spend the rest of my life wondering what if. I don’t know about you, I can’t live like that.

    Thanks so much for the reminder.

    PS. Since the retweet was not working, I copied the link and pasted it on facebook and twitter. I hope you don’t mind.

  389. daniel Keane says:

    Frank thank you for the post. Its time to get punched in the face, and face reality. Awsome post.


  390. This is an incredible story… I will be sharing this with my tribe. It’s amazing how the right articles, the right videos, or the right people show up in the EXACT right moment…

  391. Go out, grab the world by the balls, & bend it to your will. Effing brilliant.

  392. Rene Remington says:

    This was perfect timing for me the last two mornings I’ve awoke with a fear in my gut. Now I have techniques to release it, thank goodness, but when it show up I know I’m heading for a major shift. THANK GOD and thank Frank Kern for being intuitive enough to sense where some of us are meandering far to long.

    Hugs to you, I love you :)

  393. Hey Frank, great stuff man! You hit a homerun once again.NO MORE EXCUSES towards succeeding!Thanks again Frank.

  394. Never heard about Walker. An interesting bit of inspiring trivia.

  395. You teach us again !

  396. Hey Frank,

    Great inspirational story.. Thank you for sharing..

    Philip J. Mutrie

  397. Inspiring story that shines a light on the heart of success. Finding inspiration in life experiences(good and bad) and let that inspiration move you forward.

    Cheers Frank

  398. This is great, thanks. CJ Walker is definitely one of the most inspiring people in HISTORY. Seriously. If she was able to make a success out of her life then realistically anyone can do the same.

  399. Wow, truly inspiring…I need to get my butt back to work immediately!

  400. G.C.J.C.W. says:

    Frank. I’ve been reading your stuff for a couple of years now. Your a bit of alright.

  401. Thanks for this inspirational tome. I can relate on so many levels. I have been working to succeed at IM for 2 years now and I think I am finally getting it. I just signed a great contract with an Offline client to help them with my now learned knowledge of SEO..I would not have this to offer if I had given up.

    I finally feel I can do this and become successful, but it has certainly taken getting up again and again and again and reinventing ones self.

    Thanks Frank…Represent

  402. Frank — This is probably the greatest thing you’ve ever written.

  403. We live in a different time don’t we? We’ve got it so good compared to yesteryear and we’re all a bunch of creampuffs. Lee

  404. what a amazing story. i like it. even you always fail is not means you a failure in your entire life it just not your time to success long you never give up you will success one day.
    I just a newbie in IM and always fail but in my mind fail also can be a good thing we can learn a new thing from that failure.
    But sometime fail make people stress.i so move by that story that madam not give up even she be threatened.
    wow what a nice story, it motivate me to continue my journey to become successful IM

  405. Hello That’s a great wesite you have here. I’m going to come back a lot on your blog

  406. Frank – you hit a chord with me and I ended out doing a total post of mine leaping off of yours – thanks for your inspiration and reminder that success is a mindset and “failures” are lessons to be learned with a gift in them if we are open to it.


  407. This post was very nicely written, and it also contains a lot of useful facts. I enjoyed your professional way of writing this post. Thanks, you have made it very easy for me to understand.

  408. Nanette Godin says:

    What a remarkable and inspiring story of this amazing woman! We all have something to learn about her ” never give up” attitude, and her ability to thrive in times when all was against her!!!

  409. Awesome post, it really puts things into perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  410. Tremendous story! Should be required reading for anyone and everyone, especially if you are in business or in sales.
    Ron Hori

  411. Hi Frank,

    Hope you don’t mind I felt compelled to use my long-tail keyword as my name here. But I do have a contributory post here (not just canned spam).

    Not just looking at getting back into the ring but looking at what means the most to me in life is what’s kept me getting back in the ring. Namely my doll-of-a-wife and our children.

    We had our little dream home (worth almost 3/4 million dollars) in our twenties and lost it due to government audit, rebuilt ourselves in a modest home and with a couple other investment homes, bought a bar business and got nailed with all the non-smoking laws and a rough landlord. Lost it all again.

    Here we are once again…trying to rebuild. Gets exhausting you know. Somehow…don’t really know how yet…but somehow I/We will get it right. Been trying this IM stuff for a couple of years and something is not gelling. But I know it will…Keep pushing forward.

    Frank, thank you for this post. It is truly inspirational and almost a relief to know that you had your downs too. You know what I mean.

    One day my post on your blog will be “I figured it out!”



  412. Hi Frank,

    I found this post on Kimball Roundy’s blog. This is one of the best ever blogs on any subject. A masterpiece!

    All the best,


  413. medical assistant says:

    this post is very usefull thx!

  414. This layout is so stellar. How did you manage to make a blog thats as smart as it is sleek? I mean, its like an Aston Martin –smart and sexy at the same time. Ive got to say, the layout alone made me come back to this blog again. But now that Ive read what youve got to say, Ive got to share it with the world!

  415. Frank,

    This is a a great post and to walk away “squeaky-clean” of any self promotion, I’ve linked back to your site as opposed to mine.

    I have however left a clue in my name in hopes that you’ll recognize who I am and at last take me up on my offer (see your recent support mail I sent you).

    Your post on this blog is classic “Frank Kern”.

    You know, many people have benefited tremendously from your marketing style and willingness to share it.

    To say it’s “dead on” is a terrible understatement.

    Your words of wisdom have been like gold to me personally. I call it more of a…

    “Punch you in the face – wake up – smell the coffee – get off your butt – use your head – help somebody – help somebody get what they want or need and stop worrying about yourself- AND YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU NEED (APPROACH)”

    Subtlety is not part of the equation.

    All of that is “well and good” and I’d like to thank you.

    BUT… Worth more than the gold you have taught us all to accumulate, I’D LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR A LITTLE MORE!

    I’d like to thank you Frank for the times you’ve helped us all weather the storm over the past few years.

    When the media was talking (doom and gloom) about the economy, you were reaching out and sharing with your subscribers how to find the “upside”.

    You were giving us tools to help our businesses… some paid ..some free…

    Either way, they were tools to build ourselves up. To push ahead. To get or footage. To regain some sanity.

    Frank there will come a day when people will stand and talk about the economy of the 2000′s – like they did the great depression. It will become history.

    I think it’s safe to say that your name will be remembered and spoken of highly as businessman who not only tried to reach out to others during a troubled time – but also as a person who had much success in helping many to build a bridge to success.

    Your post today about Mrs. Walker is (in my view) brilliant writing.

    It is signature Frank Kern timing and delivery.

    For those of us who’ve had the pleasure of your witty writing, stories, and pitches…

    It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

    On a lighter note… Let’s talk about something that obviously goes unmentioned about “Ole Frank Kern”…

    When you feel up to it, I’m calling you out!

    I’m calling you out here and now Frank Kern!

    You are without doubt no slouch on the guitar. Being a guitarist of nearly 40 years now, I know talent when I see it.

    What I see in your playing is no weekend hobby.

    It’s a deep seated passion.

    I know.

    I own such a passion myself for guitar and it’s like an old friend that you can never turn your back on.


    Here an now Frank…

    I’m reaching out to you asking you to let me do an interview with you about something that has absolutely nothing to do with your normal shenanigans!

    Nothing to do with your business as we know you.

    I’d like to interview you about your passion for guitars.

    You have my contact info.

    You should have a gift package I sent you long ago.

    Much has changed since then (a year ago).

    Let’s talk Frank.

    Let’s talk guitars.


  416. Holy Cow Frank, this post was amazing. You are the king copy writer and one hell of a model American..sorry couldn’t help the Ace Ventura line. lol take care


  417. Awesome article Frank, reading this article made it very clear why you are so RICH!

    Great insight

  418. Thats really inspiring and cool story.

  419. Great read Frank. That woman is an inspiration to us all.

  420. What an AWESOME story, told with articulate admiration, compassion, Love & punch :o)
    Thank you for writing it.
    I agree with Ron Hori, though I think it should be required reading in EVERY school on the planet. Pleased to meet you Frank! Kathie :o)

  421. prakash reddy,c.e.o says:

    yes,these are the secrets what makes people succesful .Step back into ring what made my site huge success ,i worked agressively ,intelligently finally got best selling book .I sold many copies ,now my 2 books learning disabilities and how to use brain launching as e book in my site Frank kern your stuff is sooo unique,nobody can match.

  422. prakash reddy,c.e.o says:

    yes,these are the secrets what makes people succesful .Step back into ring what made my site huge success ,i worked agressively ,intelligently finally got best selling book .I sold many copies ,now my 2 books learning disabilities and how to use brain launching as e book in my site Frank kern your stuff is sooo unique,nobody can match.

  423. Maurice Thrower says:

    Thanks Frank!

  424. Maurice Thrower says:

    Thanks Frank!

  425. Maurice Thrower says:

    Thanks Frank!

  426. Maurice Thrower says:

    Thanks Frank!

  427. Ruben Siota says:

    Excellent post Frank, very inspiring. Thanks for your time!

  428. Ruben Siota says:

    Excellent post Frank, very inspiring. Thanks for your time!

  429. Ruben Siota says:

    Excellent post Frank, very inspiring. Thanks for your time!

  430. Ruben Siota says:

    Excellent post Frank, very inspiring. Thanks for your time!

  431. Just Read this story again, I think I actually heard it the first time from Frank at a live session some time ago. It still inspires me – she must have been some determined, brave woman.

  432. Just Read this story again, I think I actually heard it the first time from Frank at a live session some time ago. It still inspires me – she must have been some determined, brave woman.

  433. Just Read this story again, I think I actually heard it the first time from Frank at a live session some time ago. It still inspires me – she must have been some determined, brave woman.

  434. Just Read this story again, I think I actually heard it the first time from Frank at a live session some time ago. It still inspires me – she must have been some determined, brave woman.

  435. Well said, Frank. I like your got d**m advice every time every moment my confidence everything which push me down and didn’t get me to work or started. I was glad that if you were everyday beside me giving me encouragement and golden advice. You are the BEST. Keep posting such posts, please.

    KC HO

  436. Well said, Frank. I like your got d**m advice every time every moment my confidence everything which push me down and didn’t get me to work or started. I was glad that if you were everyday beside me giving me encouragement and golden advice. You are the BEST. Keep posting such posts, please.

    KC HO

  437. Well said, Frank. I like your got d**m advice every time every moment my confidence everything which push me down and didn’t get me to work or started. I was glad that if you were everyday beside me giving me encouragement and golden advice. You are the BEST. Keep posting such posts, please.

    KC HO

  438. Well said, Frank. I like your got d**m advice every time every moment my confidence everything which push me down and didn’t get me to work or started. I was glad that if you were everyday beside me giving me encouragement and golden advice. You are the BEST. Keep posting such posts, please.

    KC HO

  439. Naina Luthra says:

    Thanks Frank! This is so true! Loved every bit of it =) and Hats off to Madam C.J Walker …

  440. Naina Luthra says:

    Thanks Frank! This is so true! Loved every bit of it =) and Hats off to Madam C.J Walker …

  441. Naina Luthra says:

    Thanks Frank! This is so true! Loved every bit of it =) and Hats off to Madam C.J Walker …

  442. Naina Luthra says:

    Thanks Frank! This is so true! Loved every bit of it =) and Hats off to Madam C.J Walker …

  443. Earlier in life I got “hit” “knocked”… whatever you want to call it. I was down (unconscious) for over two months. I brushed off and carried on.
    Since starting my online adventures I have battled cancer and lost a couple organs. Shit happens.
    The first incident has made my perception of all obstacles minor.
    It’s important to keep your mind focused on the bigger picture and not get hung up on the hang ups.

  444. Quite an amazing story, you’re right Frank we have no excuse for failure, all we have to do is try again and again until we succeed. Thanks for sharing.

  445. Alexander John says:

    Sweetness All Up In Here!

  446. Frank – just a quick – e – congrats on the new video and FK Success – know where ever you’re taking this it will be – a success.
    Best wishes

    Norah x

  447. Fuck Yeah!

  448. This is very true…>”So let me help you out here and tell you right up front that …All That Bad Stuff Is GUARANTEED To Happen!”.
    When I was trying to get into different businesses, I was the opinion, Its like a school exam.. u study and write the exam and you should pass. But hell no business is different, tons of things are out of our control. sht happens.
    We just have to – correct and continue.
    very inspirational article. The way Frank presented it inspired me even more!

  449. nice post !

  450. Frank,

    This is a very inspiring post. I currently do a lot of door to door selling to businesses. It takes courage and discipline to keep going after many rejections. However I have noticed a pattern; After going through the process of dealing the people that drain your energy down you will finally come across that one person that will believe in your product and spend a lot of money with you. I was reading “The Alchemist” and I always relate to the character in the book when I am driving my car meeting prospects.

    I think it is good going through rejection because than you will know who to deal with and who not to deal with. I would say that rejection is a process of eliminating all the people that you don’t want to be around in your life. But that 1 clients out of 50 that does business with you will be very valuable and will be the most inspiring and smart person.

    Thanks for the post once again.

    Have a great weekend!


  451. Jabbar Fairweather says:

    Wow, great Story and A great point… I shard it with my community and hope that everyone does the same… You are doing a great thing with your success and thank you.. Jabbar Fairweather

  452. Sandra Handley says:

    Great story! – thanks for sharing and adding your own “style” to it.

    Stupid question, though… why wasn’t I able to register and confirm registration through Chrome? I finally registered correctly using internet explorer (which I’m not a fan of). Maybe just my uselessness on the internet?

  453. Womencreatingpossibilities says:

    Brilliant – inspirational and really tells a story of vision and commitment. I am ready to get off my back side, through thick and thin, take action

  454. Random acts can lead to great posts when blended with some research and top in-your-face writing skills. A great inspirational story (who’d have thought a woman in that situation could become so incredibly successful?). Really well crafted and told story – thanks for the example of how to put a great post together.

  455. Leia Warren says:

    smiles.. this is awesome… thanks fran kern : )

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    So thanks Frank… This was just the post I needed to give myself ANOTHER good kick up the you know what, and stopping
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