Funnel Hacking Live Presentation 2020

I think you'll like this one. In it, I show you how to stand out from your competitors (easily), how to simplify the entire world of Internet Marketing down to two main categories, and how to make it so you don't have to be good at sales in order to sell stuff.

Wearing Makeup With Dan Kennedy

I flew to Cleveland to shoot this interview with Dan Kennedy as a way to help promote one of his courses on copywriting. (I don't think the course is available any more). 

The interview turned out great. In my opinion, the information he shares here is more valuable than what most others charge for. There's so much to learn here. 

Dan Kennedy has been a huge influence on me and will always be my hero. 

What The Most Successful brands Are Doing

This is an easy concept to grasp ...but very few marketers actually do what I'm showing you here.

I've been using this strategy for years and it is by far the most effective thing I've ever done.

Oh - and the book mentioned at the end is here.